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Monday, April 28, 2008

Frequencies save the bees & humans

Global Bioenergetics is about to start trials with bee farmer Brian Poole, from Scottish-Honey.

Fiona Murray, a political and environmental adviser for Global Bioenergetics, said: "The Bioemitter creates a field in the hive. It inputs a highly specified frequency. In comparison frequencies from things like mobile phones are random.

The specific frequency shields out the frequency of the mobile phones, microwaves and everything else from the hives, to create a more stable environment in the hive.

We can also put in frequencies that are beneficial, to boost the bees' own immune system.

They are still going to be exposed when they are flying about to the radiation and the sprays that are going on to the field, but the aim is to get their own system to be able to cope with it better."

Previous trials have shown the Bioemitter can also get rid of the devastating varroa mite, which sucks blood from bees and leaves them susceptible to infection.

It has similarly been shown to destroy red mites, which infest chickens.

We are creating a field that these parasites can't live in," said Ms Murray. "They can't cope with the vibration of the signal."

The same technique has been used to eliminate salmonella from one farmer's pig shed in Yorkshire, and the company thinks it has huge potential.

Now it is trying to secure funding to carry out trials on bees using the device.

Environmentalists say the decline in bee populations threatens ecosystems.

Some experts say at least a third of the food we eat is affected by the bee population. Thousands have disappeared in Scotland and there are reports of entire hives vanishing across Europe and the US. Ms Murray said: "Bees are so representative of the whole ecosystem. Einstein said we have only got five years to live without the bees. I believe this is evidence that everything we have done to our environment is coming to a head."
Good vibrations could save vanishing bees - News

-this is proof of how frequency research & energetics can kill parasites & other invaders. this is the same for frequencies applied to the human body! this is also why the FDA is on an energetic balancing witch hunt lately as seen in the following article: electroherbalism
energetic medicine is the future. i am working on an article titled "introduction to energetic medicine". this will be an easy to understand, scientific explanation of how this therapy works. please subscribe. -st0ckman

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