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Rebel Catholics say Vatican caved on Latin prayer | World | Reuters

Rebel Catholics say Vatican caved on Latin prayer | World | Reuters

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor

PARIS (Reuters) - Rebel Catholic traditionalists who champion the old Latin mass have accused Pope Benedict of caving in to "foreign pressures" by dropping negative comments about Jews from a rare prayer in the Church's official language.

The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), which was expelled from the Church in 1988, denounced the change in a Good Friday prayer that it said was one of the oldest in Christianity, dating back to the third century.

On Feb. 5, the Vatican revised the prayer, removing a reference to Jewish "blindness" over Christ and deleting a phrase asking God to "remove the veil from their hearts".

Jews criticised the new text because it still says they should recognise Jesus Christ as the saviour of all mankind. It asks that "all Israel may be saved" and keeps an underlying call to conversion that Jewish leaders had wanted omitted.

Vatican displays secret Inquisition documents | - Houston Chronicle

Vatican displays secret Inquisition documents | - Houston Chronicle

Feb. 23, 2008, 8:04PM
Vatican displays secret Inquisition documents

IF you are inquisitive about the Inquisition, a rare public glimpse of centuries-old Vatican documents will leave you wanting more.

There are no heresy trial transcripts or descriptions of torture methods at a show on view in Rome through March 16. Still, enough curiosities on display allow insights into how the Vatican once systematically tried to gain control over many aspects of life that had nothing to do with faith.

For centuries, the archives of what was once known as the Holy Office were secret. Then, in 1998, they were opened to scholars.

The show, at Rome's Central Risorgimento Museum, is the first time the public can study a sampling of what those archives preserve.

There is the 1611 Holy Office order instructing Inquisitors how to carry out their job and how to conduct themselves in their time off the job.

A calendar from 1708 gives the day-by-day schedule of religious orders whose members took turns helping in Rome's hospitals, starting with Holy Spirit hospital, which still serves the city today.

The edicts and orders were printed on what turned out to be remarkably durable material made out of recycled rags at a Vatican printing establishment.

The Holy Office "wanted total control," said Monsignor Alejandro Cifres, one of the show's curators and on the staff of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, previously known as the Holy Office.

The Roman Catholic Church in past centuries had its hand in everything, "culture to literature to economics, even architecture," Cifres said. The Holy Office relied on reports from Dominicans, Franciscans and lay people, he said, and the church had a "network" of monitors.

Napoleon's forces carted off bundles of documents from the Holy Office. The French government later wanted to return the material, but the cost of transport was too high, Cifres said, and the order went out from Rome to burn many of the files.

But documents from famous trials such as that of Galileo were saved, Cifres said.

Galileo had been condemned for supporting Nicholas Copernicus' discovery that the Earth revolved around the sun, and not vice versa as the Vatican then held.

Pope John Paul II in 1992 declared the 17th-century denunciation of Galileo in error.

Dr. Jeff Sutherland's Electronic Medicine

Dr. Jeff Sutherland's Electronic Medicine

Mycoplasma - Why the Lyme Flu Goes On and On

Many chronic dieseases today are caused or aggravated by bioengineered mycoplasma that now infect most of the population. The recent Lyme flu has caused long term sinus and other problems in some of those afflicted. The root of this problem appears to be mycoplasma.

Don Scott's work on investigating the origin of these mycoplasma is provided below. Those wanting more detailed analysis of the origins of Lyme disease should read Lab 257, a thoroughly researched analysis of decades of violation of EPA regulations and common sense at Plum Island. Click here for an excellent video of blood microscopy showing the Lyme mycoplasma. They are the small spherical white dots in the video that tend to attach to red blood cells and cause energy depletion. Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo mentioned by Don Scott below has a patent on Mycoplasma fermentans extracted from AIDs patients. These are seen in the photo above and in the video.

Most research on Lyme disease focuses on eliminating the Borrellia spirochetes with antibiotics as these are the most immediately disabling. However, the spirochetes can be removed in a few hours with frequencies. The more difficult organisms are the viruses, the fungi, and the mycoplasma. The mycoplasma are often infected with nanobacteria so eliminating them will cause a nanobacteria herxheimer reaction. Thus nanobacteria needs to be dealt with as well as the primary symptom of nanobacteria infection is the need for excessive amounts of sleep. This is commonly seen in those with chronic Lyme infections.

Recent research has focused on systematically disassembling micoplasma with frequencies that target various parts of the organism and disperse the DNA. There are quite a few mycoplasma strains in the Lyme complex and it is a nontrivial task to untangle them all. Subscribers to frequecy foundation will automatically receive these frequencies.

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