Sunday, August 31, 2008

Doctor Beth John

Please enjoy the story of Doctor Beth John and her very unique healing technique, SAFA. Dr. John is a personal friend of the st0ckman and i recommend her work as both a licensed chiropractor and healer.

doctor beth john

By the age of 31, Dr. Beth John knew she was dying.

And not one doctor could tell her why.

The disturbing health problems began in her teens. First she noticed she was weaker and didn’t have the endurance of her friends. During her twenties she experienced an increasing variety of problems that escalated into a downward spiral she could no longer ignore.

Despite failing health, she graduated with her doctorate from the New York Chiropractic College and opened a practice on Long Island. Within a year her health had deteriorated to the point that she could barely make it through the day. There wasn’t one organ in her body that was functioning properly. Medical doctors had nothing to offer but treatment for symptoms.

Refusing to accept the inevitable, Dr. John struck out on her own to discover how to heal herself. That was the beginning of a decade of research into the mysteries of disease and more importantly, the hidden secrets to health.

Needing a miracle, Dr. John looked around the world to see where miracles were happening. She found that many had occurred in the ancient world of the Hawaiians: they experienced instantaneous healing on a regular basis. Dr. John believed if they could do it, any one could. She set out to learn what they knew that allowed them to be such successful healers.

At the same time, Dr. John had a keen interest in quantum physics that dated to her pre- med days. She began to merge her understandings of physics with the Hawaiian perspectives on healing and – miraculously -- started to heal her body and regain her health. As she continued her research and experiments, a new healing art evolved - Safa.

Doctor Beth John's Safa Center

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