Sunday, December 14, 2008

EGA - Electric Vehicle

THE FIRST 100% ELECTRIC-POWERED VEHICLE CAPABLE OF HIGHWAY SPEEDS AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA...FOR EVERYONE!!! THE ONLY AUTHORIZED DEALER IN NORTH AMERICA!!! Qualifies as PHEV for tax credit. DOT approved for daily use. Capable of producing a normal speed of 55 to 60 MPH, with cruising speed of up to 75 MPH! Range of 320 miles (@ 55-60 MPH - about 250 miles @ 75 MPH) on a single charge. Charges with on board generator: Fully charged in about 3 hours. Prototype built on the Smart (TM) vehicle to showcase the new 100% electric-powered drive train (i.e. motor, battery).

The march towards the Amero and North American Union

Here comes the amero

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