Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pre Market Trading

Gapping Down

ABK -23.5%, MT -15.5%, AIG -10.4%, GOLD -8.9%, TSO -7.3%, GSK -6.1%, USU -6.0%, BHP -5.5%, AZN -5.1%, SPWRA -5.0%, X -3.9%, BCS -3.9%, TOT -3.3%, RTP -1.5%

Gapping Up

In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: RAME +23.0%, DTG +17.8%, AGU +12.4%, GGC +11.4% (light volume), RDN +8.8%, GSX +6.4%, CTSH +4.7%, FWLT +1.9%, TIE +1.6%… Other news: CLWR +21.8% (FCC OKs Sprint, Clearwire Merger; DOJ Is Final Hurdle - DJ), THC +8.8% (modestly rebounding after yesterday’s 30%+decline), AHII +8.4% (modestly rebounding after yesterday’s 50%+drop), S +6.5% (FCC approves Sprint, Clearwire merger; DOJ is final hurdle - DJ), SPLS +3.4% (Cramer makes positive comments on MadMoney), BG +1.5% (Corn Products Int’l notifies Bunge Ltd. of intent to change recommendation of merger agreement with Bunge)… Analyst comments: SPSS +1.9% (upgraded to Buy at Jefferies).

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