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Monday, April 28, 2008

clostridium difficile / c.difficile

As someone who lives in the `home `of MRSA , i can tell you there is a new one that is doing the rounds and it is WAY worse than MRSA it is called : c.difficile .
it is sweping our hospitals at the moment, the Gov are trying to keep it quiet but the BBC Panorama programe aired a special program all about it , here is a link to it :
the one you want is this one :
While attention has been focussed recently on MRSA, another stealthy superbug has been creeping up on the UK's hospitals. So successfully has it taken a grip that clostridium difficile now contributes to the deaths of four times as many people as MRSA.
I was astounded to learn from Professor Brendan Wren, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, that the equivalent of one person every hour is dying in our hospitals with c.difficile.
(you may be interested in watching the previos program on air travel and air quality)
take care
Dr. Stephen D Mckay


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