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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pre-Market: Stock Trading Before the Markets Open from CNNMoney

FTSE 100-23.80-0.44%5,396.90
CAC 40-18.65-0.42%4,381.90
HANG SENG+40.50+0.18%22,731.10
NIKKEI 225+9.02+0.07%13,376.81

U.S. Dollar vs Euro+0.0120+0.77%1.5696

U.S. Dollar vs Yen-0.4900-0.45%0.0093

U.S. Dollar vs UK £+0.01+0.55%1.99
Open Closed

S&P 500 -10.40 1274.30 7/31 9:02am S&P 500 FUTURES
Fair Value
1283.88 7/31 3:40am
NASDAQ -18.00 1838.25 7/31 9:01am NASDAQ FUTURES
Fair Value
1857.40 7/31 3:40am
Dow Jones -112.00 11468.00 7/31 9:01am

Pre-Market: Stock Trading Before the Markets Open from CNNMoney


  1. bonjour from paris
    the pre-market info you provide is greatly appreciated-as a novice trader i find it to be very educational; i am testing a "shorting strategy" and would love your input: is a stock that gaps down because of disappointing earnings more likely to be a good intra-day short if it has light volume (such as LFG wed.) or if it has heavy volume? does light or heavy volume usually give any indication as to which direction the stock will go in at the open? would you PLEASE be willing to give a suggestion or 2 each morning pre-market as to which stock seems to be set up as a good intra-day short? at least while i am testing my strategy , it would be so helpful to have a suggestion from someone with your trading experience; thank you!
    best rtegards,
    liz coke-lacote (paris, france)

  2. when a stock gaps down on bad earnings it is more than likely going to go lower regardless of light or heavy volume. light volume stocks are harder to trade because you are dealing more with the market makers or specialists in comparison to dealing with the street or investors. in this type of gap down look for the stock to bounce from the gap down and start to approach the low or open of the day which should be from the gap itself. aggressively you can short before the new low or wait for a new low and then short. the opening price is critical here. earnings is was moves stocks because it is what the institutions or smart money is buying or selling on in size. i am not willing to give trade recommendations as this site is for information purposes only. i may change this down the road but for now i cannot tell you what to trade for legal reasons. i recommend reading the book the market makers edge.


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