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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ultimate Fighter Apparel

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Combat Couture has Fashion World in a Choke Hold

The fashion term of ‘Combat Couture’ first came into prominence in the early 80’s as the armed forces came up with a clothing line that was meant for soldiers to wear in combat. Over the next few years, it came under much scrutiny, including an article in Time Magazine that was published in 1984 that basically claimed that the clothing was unacceptable for soldiers to wear in combat.

The extreme athletes of the world, especially UFC fighters, have embraced the style and have actually improved it to a point that it is taking over as one of the premier styles of clothing in this niche. There are companies popping up all over the place that have taken the original premise and put their own twist to create clothing that is on the backs of just about every major extreme athlete. Some companies, such as, have taken it to new levels and have created fight wear that reminds you of the tattoos you see prominently displayed in the underground fight clubs across the country.

Combat Couture is making an impact everywhere you look. This niche of fashion is not just for Saturday night at the fights. It has become so popular that just about everyone is getting into wearing Combat Couture fashion. In fact, Combat Couture fashion has already been scene on the red carpet at the Oscar’s as Jada Pinkett-Smith strutted her stuff and brought this fashion style into the limelight.

This line of clothing has had such an effect to the industry that major players like Donald Trump are sitting up and taking notice. He recently invited the makers of one of the top Combat Couture clothing lines to make an appearance on his TV show, The Apprentice. While it is unlikely that you will see Mr. Trump sporting these extreme threads, all you have to do is walk into the hottest clubs in Miami, LA and New York to see how the fashion world has been affected.

One of the lines that have had a head turning affect is the Platinum Series of several labels. These are not just your every day shirts. In most cases, they are made from the finest of materials and have intensive artwork that shows a definitive influence of tattoo artists. It has gotten to the point that you cannot be taken seriously in the extreme sporting world unless you are wearing Combat Couture clothing. Anything else is just flat out unacceptable.

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