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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to fix your own computer

I feel so so happy today that my computer works fine again; it has been running slow for weeks and I didn’t know what happened. Searching around I suspected that my computer was infected with Spyware, Virus, etc… and all the registry files were broken and scattered all over the place +_+, O_o (I used to think that these kinds of things could never happen to my computer since I never visited “dark” website or downloaded malicious software, but apparently you don’t need to in order to be infected). I didn’t really know what to do and researched some more. Then I come across a webpage called where it virtually guided me through step by step to speedup, optimize, and secure my computer. The best part was… I didn’t have to pay a dime… It was actually pretty cool since the website offered all the available solutions to issues that caused my computer to slowed down, both free (do it on your own solution) or low price professional solution (I actually used the low price software one but I suppose the free ones would probably work too). The website also give you free Antivirus / Antispyware software(go to speedup my computer then follow the step until you see problem Virus/Spyware, they have the direct link to download AVG antivirus). I really think you should check it out, it works for me :D, hope this post can help some of you guys.

More info click here:
speedup, optimize, and secure my computer

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