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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dr. Jeff Sutherland's Electronic Medicine

Dr. Jeff Sutherland's Electronic Medicine: "Swine Flu Update 30 Apr 2009

Frequency Foundation ongoing research indicates that there are three virus strains circulating. Two variants of swine flu and one of bird flu. This may account for mixed genetic material seen in viruses cultured by other researchers. The frequencies appear to be the same as one of the many hundreds of viruses that those infected with Lyme disease have been fighting for years with minor changes. So they are likely variants of the many viruses studied and released into the atmosphere at the Plum Island laboratory through decades of violation of EPA safety regulations. At least one United Nations expert thinks these viruses were produced in a lab. See Dr. Mercola's excellent article on swine flu.

Frequency Foundation subscribers will receive updated frequencies today as part of their normal subscription (see link on lower left side of page to subscribe). The current swine flu virus variant has produced mild symptoms in infected people so far in the United States and these frequencies might be helpful for prevention purposes.

Oscillicocinum is strongly indicated for this infection and recommended for anyone who thinks they have been exposed. You can buy it at any Whole Foods Market."

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