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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pre Market Trading Gap Indications

Gapping up in reaction to strong earnings/guidance: SORC +24.1%, BMI +17.6%, INTC +7.6%, ZOLT +6.4%, WFC +5.2%, JCI +4.2%, CSX +3.0%, WWW +3.0%, STJ +2.9%, CPSS +2.7%, EDU +2.6%, JPM +2.3%, LUFK +2.1%, ABT +2.0%, LLTC +1.8%, KO +1.3%, ASML +1.2%, ADS +1.0%...

Select agriculture names showing strength: FEED +8.3% (announces that they have entered into agreements to acquire majority ownership of several commercial hog farms located in south China provinces), AGU +3.2%, POT +3.0%, MOS +2.9%, CF +2.2%, TRA +1.1%, SYT +1.1%...

Select semiconductor stocks trading higher following INTC earnings and guidance
: MU +3.6%, NSM +3.3%, MRVL +2.4%, TXN +2.3%, ADI +1.9%, MSCC +1.1%...

Select financials showing strength following JPM and WFC earnings results
: C +2.2%, BAC +2.0%, LEH +1.7%, WB +1.2%, GS +1.0%...

Other news
: POZN +40.3% (Treximet tablets approved by FDA for acute treatment of migraine), CVTX +18.3% (announces that TPG-Axon Capital has agreed to pay CVTX up to $185 mln in exchange for rights to 50% of their royalty on North American sales of Lexiscan injection), MXWL +13.3% (Johnson Controls-Saft and Maxwell Technologies to collaborate in development of more effective, more energy efficient electrodes for lithium-ion hybrid vehicle batteries), AMG +4.3% (will replace GRP in the S&P MidCap 400 after the close on 4/21), NOK +3.7% (still checking), BCS +3.6% ( 'wide open' to new mortgage business - Financial Times), GERN +3.0% (announces new data on activity of GRN163L in breast cancer cells), AOB +2.9% (enters strategic alliance with China-based pharma company), NOV +1.6% (will replace ROK in the S&P 100 after the close on 4/21), RIMM +1.6% (still checking), RTP +1.2% (coal, copper output drops, adds to supply concern -, ERIC +1.2% (still checking)...

Analyst upgrades
: MOV +5.4% (upgraded to Buy at Morgan Joseph), ELN +4.4% (upgraded to Buy at tier 1 firm), TSL +2.7% (upgraded to Mkt Perform at Friedman Billings), ADTN +2.5% (upgraded to Overweight at Weisel), SID +1.1% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Deutsche Bank).

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