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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Orthotics Brisbane


What is a Copythotic™?

Envisage cutting a 1 mm slice from your existing orthotics that took off only its upper most surface. Now imagine that thin layer sitting in your shoe. It is going to fit into a lot more shoes and take up a lot less room. There is a bit of empty space sitting under the arch. Once this is filled in using high tech foam material, you have yourself a Copythotic™.

There is a lot to know about Copythotics. So much in fact, they have got their own website at Orthotics Brisbane. Read on here for more general information or browse to the site directly.

The Copythotic™ foot orthotic was created in Brisbane Australia through a collaboration by the Walk Without Pain Orthotic and Podiatry Clinic group and Stephanie Cosgrove Podiatry Clinics. International interest is already building in this humble Brisbane invention.

Why did we invent the Copythotic™?

After practicing podiatrist Brisbane for more than twenty years, it became clear that “sensible but comfortable” shoes do not always triumph over the “stylish but crippling” variety. When it comes to choosing your shoes, we understand that there are many factors that are important to you.

Despite what your own podiatrist has said (and what I’ve told my clients for most of those years), the key components of a functional orthotic device that has been designed for you really will fit into your existing footwear. It just takes some refining. In using the Copythotic™ process for our patients over recent years, we have found that an orthotic shoe insert that fits most of the footwear that most women find acceptable most of the time, will provide an average of around 80% of the original orthotics potency. That makes our clients more than mostly happy! No more orthotic shoes, Brisbane!

Why might you want some Copythotics?

There are many good reasons why you might want a copy pair of orthotics. Perhaps you would like:

a big, cushioned pair for your runners so that they won’t slip around,

a really small pair for your sleeker shoes,

new orthotics to replace the ones your dog chewed up,

to never have to swap your orthotic insert from shoe to shoe again, or

a pair to leave in your duty shoes at work.

How come Copythotics are cheaper orthotics?

Copythotic orthotic devices are cheaper because 60% of the work has already been done to make your first pair. It does not seem fair that you have to pay for all that stuff to happen again ! The Copythotic™ is a unique, patented (pending) process where the model is actually your existing orthotic plate. In most cases, everything we need to know about your feet can be ‘extracted’ from that plate.

Can I get a rebate for a Copythotic?

Copythotic orthotics are custom made for you and we are podiatrists so health fund rebates do apply.

Will my orthotic be hard or soft? Soft Orthotics

Copythotic™ orthotics have several possible construction materials with nearly infinite combinations. It can be as flexible or as solid as we want to make it. It can also be easily adjusted right up to the final stage of the manufacture, allowing for a ‘fitting’ visit if required.

At Walk Without Pain ! Podiatry Clinics, we often hear patients say that, although their orthotics have solved their original problem, they don’t like wearing them. In deciding how stiff to make your Copythotic™, we would routinely consider your age, fitness, foot problems, weight, work surfaces, activities, severity of symptoms, duration of pain, choice of footwear and how you responded to your previous orthotics. We also invite your opinion. While our podiatrists can tell you volumes about feet in general – there are things about your feet that only you can tell us.

I don’t like my orthotics – why would I want to copy them?

If your existing orthotic devices are perfect, we just need them for a few minutes to model your new orthotics.

If your orthotic is not exactly right (perhaps it is too stiff, too big, too high), it takes a little bit more care, but not a lot more time. To craft a Copythotic™.If you are not happy with your existing orthotic foot supports, wherever they were made for you, an appointment with one of our podiatrists will be necessary. Just about every custom made orthotic would be suitable for reinterpretation as a Copythotic™, even if you never felt that you could wear them.

If your existing orthotics are beyond salvation, we can help you with a new pair and throw in a complementary pair of Copythotics™.

If you don’t have orthotics but think you might need some, it will be necessary to see our podiatrists for a more thorough examination.

Lastly, Copythotics are not the only kind of orthotic shoe insert that we make. Browse to our page on the various types of orthotics for some more information.

Stephanie Cosgrove.

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