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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dr. Heimlich Natural Clear Cream Complex

Natural Clear Cream

Dr. Heimlich Natural Clear Cream Complex

Heals Eczema, Dermatitis, Rashes, Vaginal Itching, Seborrhea and Skin irritations.

For Adults, Children, Babies & Infants

Every parent with a child suffering from allergic dermatitis or adults suffering from seborrhea or other skin problems know the meager recommendations conventional medicine has for skin treatment.

Clear cream cleared my 8 month old daughter's eczema in 2 days.
-Raymond Wassef

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Most of the treatment recommendations are for various skin
creams containing steroids or, alternatively Cortisone, in one quantity or another.
However, there are situations where the body has been suffering to such a degree that the severity of the situation has forced the individual to use these creams, and the patients have become addicted to dangerous creams, using them over and over and, finally causing two major kinds of damage:

1) The danger of overuse of steroids or cortisone – dangerous implications of use of the cream in the present as well as dangerous implications for the future.
2) Adaptation to the cream – after a period of massive use, the body does not react to the cream as expected. The problems of dryness and the sores do not heal as they did when the individual first used the cream. The body reacts indifferently to the different creams at different levels because it has become adapted to the strongest creams.

Due to such problems, patients have reached the most dangerous levels, including infections, terrible itching and helplessness.

The special product – Clear Cream – is based on natural ingredients alone. It does not contain either steroids or cortisone. The ingredients from which it is made are all natural and its advantages are clear. One of such advantages is that natural creams do not cause the body “to adapt” to them and therefore, there is no danger of using the cream continuously.

Dr. Yechezkel Heimlich is a naturopath who succeeded in creating a natural treatment cream for those suffering from different skin problems.
The cream is meant for those suffering from allergic dermatitis, seborrhea, various skin problems, as well as dryness of the skin. The cream has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The advantages of the cream: Natural, containing no dangerous agents. Effective and rapid improvement and healing (results are evident after 24 hours). The body responds to the cream to the same degree on subsequent treatments as at the beginning.

"I was surprised; after one night there was an amazing improvement. I have never before found a natural cream whose results were so effective and so rapid."
- Jonathan Cohen

Water, Mineral oil, Cetearyl alcohol, calendula ex., Glycerin, Beeswax, Aloe vera ex., Arnica ex., Peg-20-glyconyl steavate, Butyrospermum Parkii.

Recommend Use:
Apply thin layer and massage into the skin twice a day, until it results in healthy smooth and calm skin.

Do not apply other ointment during treatment.
Suitable for all types of skin.
For external use only.
Recommended to store in a refrigerator.

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My daughter's teacher recommended this after it cured her own daughter's eczema. I ignored the recommendation. Miracle cream? I've tried them all. They are all bogus.
Then, a couple months later, my daughter's classmate also used this cream and it cleared up her eczema right away. Her mom also told me I should really try it.
I thought--hmm... two recommendations, separate from each other. I'm not crazy about putting mineral oil on my daughter's skin, but against my better judgment I ordered this cream anyway.
After four days of using this cream, her eczema is nearly gone. Just slight scarring is left, from where she used to be bleeding before starting the cream. The skin is soft and smooth, with no itchiness. I'm flabbergasted. It clearly says the cream contains no steroids but I cannot imagine any non-steroidal cream that could have such a huge and immediate effect. I'm suspicious of it. But it sure does work!
The two other girls have not had their eczema return despite stopping use of the cream. I am hoping that my daughter's won't either. We'll see about that. But anyway, in the meantime, I have to say I think this cream is a great thing.
-E. Harriman "EH" (NJ)

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