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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

William Hill Casino – £66 Free – why not £150 Free?

So has anyone seen the huge array of adverts promoting William Hill Casino recently. I know – another free money offer spamming the pages of countless websites … but here’s the good catch – here’s one you can actually win with!

So what’s different you’re asking – well here a little information about just how easy it could be to get your hands on a piece of the ‘Free Money’ pie. Say you’ve never been to William Hill before – and you click through and sign up – you get £66 Totally Free with no Deposit required (and although a 20x turnover sounds staggering to some) – it’s actually not. But why stop there – William Hill doesn’t intend to … there are countless more deposit bonuses you could take advantage of along the way and really make a fortune.

So here’s the real piece of gold – the one that no one else has seemingly pointed out without spamming ‘Free Money – Free Money’ on every forum, blog and crappy website you’ve ever seen.

Sign up to William Hill Casino and deposit £35 with Moneybookers (the minimum to receive the full array of bonuses) then another £35 right after with Moneybookers – £70 Total)
Now here’s what your balance will look like:
£66 Completely Free No Deposit Required
£52.50 (a 150% First Deposit Match bonus added)
£5.25 (a 15% Bonus for using Moneybookers)
£21 (a 60% Second Deposit Match bonus added)
£5.25 ( a second 15% Bonus for using Moneybookers)
£70 (Your actual real money balance)

That means from your original £70 balance – you now have a staggering – £220 – over 3x what you started with – and subject to 15/20x turnover’s on some – all of the money is available to withdraw!

With some of the lowest turnover requirements in the industry – you can really make your fortune at William Hill Casino – and why shouldn’t you – when people are willing to give away this much cash it is just wrong not to take it!

So check out William Hill now and get your hands on a slice of this fortune today!
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