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Friday, March 5, 2010

Pest Control Thousand Oaks

Pest Control Thousand Oaks

Kastle Kare specializes in keeping your landscape beautiful, healthy and pest-free. We provide your home, business, school, or organization with the very best in residential and commercial pest control, plant disease control and prevention, lawn weed control, bees and wasps control, lawn aeration, gopher and squirrel control and more.

Our company offers services on a one-time basis to consult and treat a problem, or on a regular basis to help prevent problems from coming back.

Bug Blasted: Residential Pest Control Thousand Oaks

Pest Control Thousand Oaks ResidentialFor ants, roaches, fleas, mosquitoes, moths, wasps, bees, gophers, voles, rats, spiders and more, Bug Blasted is your top choice. Bug Blasted is the residential pest control division of Kastle Kare.

We specialize in all household and landscape pests.

Corporate & Residential Pest Control For Thousand Oaks

Turn to KastleKare for Pest Control in Thousand Oaks

Pest Control Thousand Oaks:

Pest Control Thousand Oaks

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