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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pest Control Ventura

Pest Control Ventura

pest control ventura

How do your rates compare competitors?

How our rates compare to others Kastle Kare offers very competitive rates when compared to other licensed operators. However, we don’t cut corners that could adversely affect your safety or property. We only hire professionals because of the inherent dangers associated with many aspects of our business. This allows us to apply our services with the highest standards. Some companies cut corners that are risky to their company and to the clients by hiring low-waged employees

Pest Control Ventura CA

Are we licensed and insured for pest control in ventura" ?

Licensing and Insurance All Staff is Licensed and Insured. The State of California licenses professionals in this line of work. We carry multiple licenses for each type of work we perform on your behalf. The licensing means we have passed tests to handle and administer the materials we use on your property.

Our Address for Pest Control In Ventura California

Kastle Kare Pest Control Services
The Home of Plant RX™
and The Gopherman™
1219 Flynn Road, Unit 207
Camarillo, CA 93012
(805) 484-8181
Toll Free: 866-464-5455
pest control ventura

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