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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Organic Baby Clothes

Organic Cotton Knitting Yarns

Organic cotton yarns can be colored from several different techniques. These include Color-grown cotton, vegetable-dyed, eco-friendly, and regular process dying.

Color-grown organic cotton is the most natural cotton available. The color is not dyed at all. In fact, the yarn is undyed. But it is available in natural-white, brown, tan, and even green. All of these colors occur naturally. In fact, these darker colors used to be the only colors available.

Vegetable-dyed organic cotton is also quite natural. Instead of using harsh dyes, the vegetable dyes are all made from plants. The color selection is broader than color-grown cotton, introducing darker browns and blue. Like color-grown cotton, vegetable-dyed cotton has been around for ages.

Eco-friendly dying processes may include vegetable-dying, as well as other dying methods which have been dyed according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. These strong standards ensure a low-impact dying process. As a result, the color selection is similar to vegetable-dyed yarns; but expanded.

All of these dying methods impact color selection. As a result, vivid color organic cotton yarns are still very popular. These yarns are all made with cotton grown to the same strict organic farming requirements, but they are available in all the vivid and rich colors many people demand in their clothing.

At, a wide selection of hand-knit organic cotton baby hats, baby sweaters, and baby blankets are available knitted from these yarn types.

In fact, the baby clothing at Knitzees is all handmade, either knitted or crocheted. The knitters are either members of the family business, or members of the rural knitting team. Knitting team members work in their homes, in their spare time. By working on the knitting team, members benefit from fair trade and are able to enrich their lives while sustaining an important cultural tradition.

Organic Baby Clothes

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