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Friday, October 23, 2009

Jade Massage Bed

Jade Massage Bed offers a great way to combat chemtrails and gmo's.- st0ckman

The new model of SYOGRA Jade Massage bed JMB-003 with TENS and BrainRelax Technology. Relaxation of the complete body The far Infrared Rays of SYOGRA Jade Massage bed, which emmited through the Jade massage rollers will deeply penetrate your body and relax hardened muscles
With the help of the BrainRelax Technology the SYOGRA Thermal Massage bed does not only relax your back muscles, but your complete body.
jade massage bed
The wellbeing massage of the SYOGRA Far Infrared massage bed plunges the client into a relaxed state using BrainRelax sound waves emitted via the headphones. In the relaxation phase this can bring about a recuperative short 20-minute sleep, a "powernap", providing renewed energy.
The integrated SYOGRA BodyRelax treatment at the Jade massage beds is suited to targeted treatment of particular pain points. Light electrical impulses are conducted through the skin via electrodes to the nerve fibres which lie beneath. Pain is alleviated by the tensing and relaxing of the muscles.

click the link below to check out this awesome product.-st0ckman
Jade Massage bed

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