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Friday, September 25, 2009

BiberCasino: The first licensed online casino in english and german

While a lot of online casino operators like to offer standrad games such as Roulette or BlackJack, is more into constantly develoing new slot machines and scratch cards. "We like to think of a casino - online and offline - as an entertainment venue. This means regardless if you loose or win you need to have a sensational experience while playing" says one of the founders, german-born Rudolf King, who met his co-founders while studying engineering at M.I.T. in Boston. Thus they like to think constantly what signs, pictures, colours, music, free games, progressive jackpots and bonus programs could make a difference for a player. Of course online roulette is among the games offered as are BlackJack and Baccarat as well as video poker with up to 50 hands per online play. But the emphasis is on developing at least 5 new slot games and 3 new scratch cards every month. The companies finances are guaranteed by a Munich "Kasino" (Casino Royale of Munich), whose owners took a 31% stake in the new company in 2006 and agreed to guarantee up to 5 million € (about 7,4 million $ / 4,5 million GB Pound) in single payouts. Payment by the customers can be effected through Credit Card, money bookers and several other well-known payment methods, including a newly developed mobile phone charge. While constantly increasing its portfolio of games, BiberCasino is offeres only in two languages : german and english, which are the 2 mother tongues of the founders. "We believe you should have a thorough understanding of your customers, and that includes having spent a long time in the respective country" says Brad Whitman, who was born in upstate New York and and raised in Connecticut. With other founders coming from Norfalk, UK and a small industrial town near Munich, Germany, the only markets BiberCasino targets are the UK and Germany; due to the restrictions of UIGA the USA are out of question at the moment. And they like what they see : no. 1 in Germany since 2008 against stiff competition from the german Spielbanken websites; No. 7 in the UK since January 2009 against major players such as listed british companies and sports betting operators. So they can stay a private company and maintain their big goal - having more entertainment slot games than any other online casino worldwide. And the name ? The beaver (german : Biber) is the mascot of M.I.T. - the three founders like to honour their alma mater, for without her, they would never had met.

The Beaver´s Casino - specializes in scratch cards and new slot games

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