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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swine Flu: Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it

Let us advert the great Swine Flu epidemic of 1918. Those treated by homoepaths had almost no deaths. Those treated conventionally had most a 20% death rate.

Let us advert the great Swine Flu epidemic of 1976. One mortal died and thousands were injured or dead from the vaccine.

1976 CBS '60 Minutes' Transcript
Government Propaganda in Swine Flu Scare Causes Many Deaths

Below is the full transcript of the 1979 broadcast from the CBS investigative news aggregation 60 Minutes on polity propaganda around the 1976 swine contagion scare. The aggregation was aired on Sunday, Nov 4, 1979. Only digit mortal was killed by the actual flu, while hundreds filed claims of death of their loved ones from the large immunogen campaign which was mounted.

Swine Flu 1976 MIKE WALLACE: The contagion flavour is upon us. Which type module we worry most this year, and what kind of shots module we be told to take? Remember the swine contagion anxiousness of 1976? That was the assemblage the U.S. polity told us every that swine contagion could invoke discover to be a killer that could spread crossways the nation, and Washington decided that every man, blackamoor and child in the nation should get a effort to prevent a nation-wide outbreak, a pandemic. Well 46 meg of us obediently took the shot, and today 4,000 Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to three and a half billion dollars because of what happened when they took that shot. By far the greatest variety of the claims - two thirds of them are for medicine damage, or modify death, allegedly triggered by the contagion shot. We garner up the story backwards in 1976, when the threat posed by the swine contagion virus seemed very actual indeed. PRESIDENT GERALD FORD; This virus was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and 1919 that resulted in over half a meg deaths in the United States, as substantially as 20 meg deaths around the world. WALLACE: Thus the U.S. government's publicity machine was cranked into state to urge every America to protect itself against the swine contagion menace. (Excerpt from TV commercial urging everyone to get a swine contagion shot.) One of those who did roll up her sleeve was Judy Roberts. She was perfectly healthy, an active woman, when, in Nov of 1976, she took her shot. Two weeks later, she says, she began to see a numbness starting up her legs. JUDY ROBERTS: And I joked most it at that time. I said I'll be numb to the knees by Friday if this keeps up. By the following week, I was totally paralyzed. WALLACE: So completely paralyzed, in fact, that they had to operate on her to enable her to breathe. And for six months, Judy revivalist was a quadriplegic. The diagnosis: A medicine modify titled "Guillain-Barre Syndrome" - GBS for short. These medicine diseases are lowercase understood. They affect grouping in different ways. As you can see in these home movies taken by a friend, Judy Roberts' paralysis confined her mostly to a wheelchair for over a year. But this disease can modify kill. Indeed, there are 300 claims today pending from the families of GBS victims who died, allegedly as a termination of the swine contagion shot. In other GBS victims, the crippling personalty diminish and every but disappear. But for Judy Roberts, progress backwards to good health has been painful and partial. Now, I notice that your smile, Judy, is a lowercase bit constricted. ROBERTS: Yes, it is. WALLACE: Is it different from what it used to be? ROBERTS: Very different, I hit a â€" a greatly decreased mobility in my lips. And I can't drink through a distribute on the right-band side. I can't expiration discover birthday candles. I don't whistle whatever more, for which my economise is grateful. WALLACE: It may be a lowercase difficult for you to answer this question, but hit you recovered as much as you are feat to recover? ROBERTS: Yes. This - this is it. WALLACE: So you module today hit a legacy of braces on your legs for the rest of your life? ROBERTS: Yes. The weakness in my hands module meet and the handicap braces module stay. WALLACE: So Judy revivalist and her economise hit filed a claim against the U.S. government. They're asking $12 million, though they don't expect to get nearly that much. Judy, why did you verify the contagion shot? ROBERTS: I'd never taken whatever other contagion shots, but I felt like this was feat to be a major epidemic, and the only way to prevent a major epidemic of a - a rattling deadly difference of contagion was for every body to be immunized. WALLACE: Where did this so titled "deadly difference of flu", where did it first impact backwards in 1976? It began right here at Fort Dix in New milker in January of that year, when a variety of recruits began to kvetch of respiratory ailments, something like the common cold. An Army doctor here sent samples of their throat cultures to the New milker Public Health Lab to encounter our meet what kind of bug was feat around here. One of those samples was from a Private king Lewis, who had mitt his displeased bed to go on a forced march. Private adventurer had collapsed on that march, and his sergeant had alive him by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. But the sergeant showed no signs of illness. A whatever days later, Private adventurer died. ROBERTS: If this disease is so potentially fatal that it's feat to kill a young, healthy man, a middle-aged schoolteacher doesn't hit a prayer. WALLACE: The New milker lab identified most of those solders' throat cultures as the normal kind of contagion virus feat around that year, but they could not make discover what kind of virus was in the culture from the dead soldier, and from four others who were sick. So they sent those cultures to the agent Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, for further study. A whatever days after they got the verdict: swine flu. But that much-publicized occurrence of swine contagion at Fort Dix involved only Private Lewis, who died, and those four other soldiers, who recovered completely without the swine contagion shot. ROBERTS: If I had famous at that instance that the boy had been in a displeased bed, got up, went discover on a forced territory and then collapsed and died, I would never hit taken the shot. DR DAVID SENCER: The rationale for our recommendation was not on the foundation of the death of a - a single individual, but it was on the foundation that when we do see a change in the characteristics of the influenza virus, it is a large public-health problem in the country. WALLACE: Dr king Sencer, then head of the CDS - the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta - is today in clannish industry. He devised the swine contagion aggregation and he pushed it. WALLACE: You began to give contagion shots to the dweller grouping in Oct of '76? DR SENCER: Oct 1st. WALLACE: By that time, how whatever cases of swine contagion around the concern had been reported? DR SENCER: There had been several reported, but none confirmed. There had been cases in Australia that were reportable by the press, by the news media. There were cases in - WALLACE: None confirmed? Did you ever uncover whatever other outbreaks of swine contagion anywhere in the world? DR SENCER: No WALLACE: Now, nearly everyone was to receive a effort in a public health facility where a doctor might not be present, therefore it was up to the bureau to come up with whatever kind of official respond modify giving the public every the aggregation it needed most the swine contagion shot. This modify stated that the swine contagion immunogen had been tested. What it didn't feature was that after those tests were completed, the scientists developed added immunogen and that it was the digit given to most of the 46 meg who took the shot. That immunogen was titled "X-53a". Was X-53a ever earth tested? DR SENCER: I-I can't say. I would hit to - WALLACE: It wasn't DR SENCER: I don't undergo WALLACE: Well, I would conceive that you're in calculate of the aggregation DR SENCER: 1 would hit to check the records. I haven't looked at this in whatever time. WALLACE: The aggregation modify the respond modify was also supposed to monish grouping most whatever venture of earnest complications following the shot. But did it? ROBERTS: No, I had never heard of whatever reactions other than a sore arm, fever, this variety of thing. WALLACE: Judy Roberts' husband, Gene, also took the shot. GENE ROBERTS: Yes, I looked at that document, I subscribed it. Nothing on there said I was feat to hit a hunch attack, or I can get Guillain Barre, which I'd never heard of. WALLACE: What if grouping from the government, from the Center for Disease Control, what if they had indeed, famous most it, what would be your feeling? JUDY ROBERTS: They should hit told us. WALLACE: Did anyone ever come to you and say, "You undergo something, fellows, there's the possibility of medicine alteration if you get into a mass protection program?" DR SENCER: No WALLACE: No digit ever did? DR SENCER: No WALLACE: Do you undergo Michael Hattwick? DR SENCER: Yes, uh-hmm. WALLACE: Dr Michael Hattwick directed the surveillance team for the swine contagion aggregation at the CDC. His job was to encounter discover what doable complications could arise from taking the effort and to inform his findings to those in charge. Did you undergo ahead of time, Dr Hattwick that there had been case reports of medicine disorders, medicine illness, apparently related with the injection of influenza vaccine? DR MICHAEL HATTWICK: Absolutely WALLACE: You did? DR HATIWICK: Yes WALLACE: How did you undergo that? DR Hattwick: By analyse of the literature. WALLACE: So you told your superiors - the men in calculate of the swine contagion protection aggregation - most the possibility of medicine disorders? DR RATTWICK: Absolutely WALLACE: What would you feature if I told you that your superiors feature that you never told them most the possibility of medicine complications? DR HAJTWICK: That's nonsense. I can't believe that they would feature that they did not undergo that there were medicine illnesses related with influenza vaccination. That simply is not true. We did undergo that. DR SENCER: I hit said that Dr Hattwick had never told me of his feelings on this subject. WALLACE: Then he's lying? DR SENCER: I guess you would hit to make that assumption. WALLACE: Then why does this inform from your own agency, dated July 1976, list medicine complications as a possibility? DR SENCER: I conceive the consensus of the technological community was that the evidence relating medicine disorders to influenza protection was much that they did not see that this association was a actual one. WALLACE: You didn't see it was necessary to tell the dweller grouping that aggregation DR SENCER: I conceive that over the - the eld we hit tried to inform the dweller grouping as - as full as possible. WALLACE: As part of revelation Americans most the swine contagion threat, Dr Sencer's bureau also helped create the advertising to get the public to verify the shot. Let me feature to your from digit of your own agency's memos planning the campaign to urge Americans to verify the shot. "The swine contagion immunogen has been taken by whatever important persons," he wrote. "Example: President Ford, speechmaker Kissinger, Elton John, Muhammad Ah, Mary Tyler Moore, Rudolf Nureyev, Walter Cronkite, Ralph Nader, Edward Kennedy" -etcetera, etcetera, True? DR SENCER: I'm not familiar with that particular piece of paper, but I do undergo that, at least of that group, President Ford did verify the vaccination. WALLACE: Did you talk to these grouping early to encounter discover if they planned to verify the shot? DR SENCER: I did not, no. WALLACE: Did anybody? DR SENC ER: I do not know. WALLACE: Did you get permission to ingest their obloquy in your campaign? DR SENCER: I do not know. WALLACE: Mary, did you verify a swine contagion shot? MARY TYLER MOORE: No, I did not. WALLACE: Did you give them permission to ingest your name saying that you had or were feat to? MOORE: Absolutely not. Never did. WALLACE: Did you ask your own doctor most taking the swine contagion shot? MOORE: Yes, and at the instance he thought it might be a good idea. But I resisted it, because I was leery of having the symptoms that sometimes go with that kind of inoculation. WALLACE: So you didn't? MOORE: No, I didn't. WALLACE: Have you spoken to your doctor since? MOORE: Yes. WALLACE: And? MOORE: He's delighted that I didn't verify that shot. WALLACE: You're in charge. Somebody's in charge. DR SENCER: There are - WALLACE: This is your advertising strategy that I hit a copy of here. DR SENCER: Who's it subscribed by? WALLACE: This digit is unsigned. But you--you'll pass that it was your baby so to speak? DR SENCER: It could hit been from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. It could be from CDC. I don't know. I'll be happy to verify responsibility for it. WALLACE: It's been three eld today since you lapse ill by GBS right? ROBERTS: Right. WALLACE: Has the federal government, in your estimation, played fair with you most your claim? ROBERTS: No, I don't conceive so. It seems to be dragging on and on and on, and rattling no modify in sight that I can see at this point. JOSEPH CALIFANO: With attitude to the cases of Guillain Barre... WALLACE: Former Secretary of HEW Joseph Caifano, too was disturbed that there was no modify in sight. So a assemblage and a half ago, he planned that Uncle Sam would revilement the bureaucratic red enter for victims suffering from GBS and would pay up quickly. CALIFANO: We shouldn't hold them to an impracticable or too difficult standard of proving that they were hurt. Even if we pay a whatever grouping a whatever thousand dollars that might not hit deserved it, I conceive justice requires that we promptly pay those grouping who do deserve it. WALLACE: Who's making the decision to be so hard-nosed most settling? CALIFANO: Well, I assume the Justice Department is. WALLACE: Griffin Bell, before he left? CALIFANO: Well, the Justice Department agreed to the statement I made. It was unwooded word for word with the lawyers in the Justice Department by my HEW lawyers. CALIFANO: That-that statement said that we should pay Guillain Barre claims without regard to whether the federal polity was negligent, if they - if they resulted from the swine contagion shot. GENE ROBERTS: I conceive the polity knows its wrong. JUDY ROBERTS: If it drags discover long enough, that grouping module meet give up, permit it go. GENE ROBERTS: Iâ€"I am a lowercase more adamant in my thoughts than my wife is, because I asked - told Judy to verify the shot. She wasn't feat to verify it, and she never had had shots. And I'm mad with my polity because they knew the fact, but they didn't realize those facts because they - if they had free them, the grouping wouldn't hit taken it. And they can come discover tomorrow and tell me there's feat to be an epidemic, and they can drop off like flies to - next to me, I module not verify added effort that my polity tells me to take. WALLACE: Meantime, Judy revivalist and whatever 4,000 others like her are still waiting for their day in court.

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