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Friday, March 27, 2009

Reva the electric car


  1. Hello “stockman” author,

    As a money fanatic & stock follower myself I came across your site a little while ago...I read some very interesting and great points!

    Anyway I have a little offer for you....

    The company I work for would like to pay you to put a text link to a credit card site on your site. I have not seen any other deals already, but would love to make an offer anyway. I'm sure we can come up with some good terms?!

    The website is called and we will be launching a new fantastic looking credit card review and comparison service which is free to our customers; let me know your thoughts.

    So let the bartering begin??!

    Oh and keep up the great work!

    Alex Preece
    Bad with my money, great with other peoples!
    (I am based in London, England so excuse the weird times you get this email!)
    Giant Investments
    T: 01273 224002

  2. alex
    thank you for the interest. how long would you want a link on the blog? what are you thinking of paying? i also do search engine optimization and web development.


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