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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No Pre Market Trading Posts Today

I am out of the office this morning.
Pre Market Trading Posts Will Resume tomorrow.


  1. hey stockman-
    i have been on vacation in the south of france and happy to be home now so that i can test my shorting strategies using your guidelines-it has been working well-thanks for your suggestion to wait to short at or around the opening price after a gap down "bounce". in the past i tended to short the 'gap-downs' at the open and found myself in trouble if the "bounce" never descended!
    your advice to wait until the opening price is hit has protected me from making some bad trades...merci!
    liz coke-lacote

  2. thank you liz. again i recommend you read the market makers edge. i will not be back in full force with premarket trading info right away. might take as long as an additional week.


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