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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smoke enters the house of the Lord

At the Vatican, some cardinals objected when Pope Benedict XVI gave Bush a rare welcome, taking him on a friendly stroll through the Vatican gardens and stopping at a grotto where the pontiff prays daily.

"Your Eminence, you're looking good," Bush told the pope. Later, as Benedict pointed out the view from a balcony in St. John's Tower in the gardens, Bush exclaimed: "This is fantastic up here."

A number of Vatican prelates were uncomfortable with the "warmth" of the pope's reception for Bush, according to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Bush was the first head of state to be received in the gardens rather than in the pope's library in the Apostolic Palace.

"So much attention to a president who did not take any account of the appeal which the Holy Father launched to avoid a second war with Iraq," lamented one cardinal, according to the newspaper.

Benedict presented Bush, who leaves office in January, with a four-volume work about St. Peter's Basilica. "Perhaps you'll have some time to read it," the pope said.

In Europe, Bush encounters more disregard than disdain - The Boston Globe

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