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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Phoenix Motorcars Electric Vehicle

another electric car manufacturer, Phoenix Motorcars.

Phoenix Motorcars with the use of Altairnano's battery technology have developed an electric vehicle that can reach highway speeds and can travel 130 miles on one charge. What is so revolutionary about this electric vehicle, besides that it is a sport utility truck(SUT) and not a subcompact car, is that the lithium titanate battery technology allows for a 10-minute recharge (tested in front of California's Air Resources Board) and if that wasn't enough theres an estimated life span of 20+ years! This battery technology also does not experience thermal runaways like lithium ion. These three feartures dwarf the fact that the energy density of this battery is less than that of lithium ion batteries.

Most of the infrastructure is already in place to allow construction of 10-minute charging stations along roads. But there shouldn't be a need to build as many as there are of gas stations because most charging will be done at home or possibly at work. Plugged in along with your cell phone.

the trucks cost around $40,000

the zenn electric car is $15,000
the tesla electric car is $100,000

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