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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shocking Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry - Articles

A shocking fact that few consider is that virtually every major pharmaceutical company has a corresponding branch that creates the toxins and poisons that contribute to the chronic diseases their drugs and medical devices treat.

So these huge transnational companies profit not only from the sale of products such as pesticides, herbicides and GM crops, but also from the symptoms and chronic illnesses that they can trigger.

The vast majority of chemicals found in pesticides and other products undergo little or no testing for chronic, low level exposures and for chronic health effects, effectively creating a circle of destruction and double profits.

Below is a list of such chem/pharm companies:

Chemical Division

Pharmaceutical Division

Aventis (herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, GM food)

Aventis Pharma

Monsanto (herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, GM food)


BASF (herbicides, fungicides, pesticides)

BASF Pharmaceuticals

Merck Research Company (precursors for pesticides and neurotoxins)


Dow Chemical (industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals)

Dow Pharmaceuticals

full article:
Shocking Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry - Articles

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