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Sunday, March 9, 2008

$t0ckman's - stock market / economic crash analysis & videos

-we are looking at the first global(keynesian economic) transfer of wealth in history. we have so many economic time bombs waiting to explode; huge dual deficits, huge unregulated derivatives market, real estate mess, credit crunch, declining dollar, food/metals/energy/natural resources trading at all time highs, bank troubles/failures, borrowing over 3BILLION/day from foreign countries to operate, countries selling oil in euros etc, dollar loosing world reserve currency status, inflation turning to hyperinflation(federal reserve printing to much money), recession and the final nail in the deflationary crash coffin: Federal reserve cutting rates. Why would the world continue to lend us over 3 billion/day if they can get a higher rate of return in another country? when the plunge protection team stops stepping in to save the day the game is over. because of this i believe the stock market and dollar will crash simultaneously producing the largest transfer of wealth in human history. this is a global swindle with a technique used time and time again throughout history. the weak will be washed out and the elite will own everything at the bottom they produce. -st0ckman

YouTube - 3/1 CNN Your Money: Talks of Great Depression Coming
this is an excellent video on the TRUE economic condition of the USA. MUST WATCH:

more economic & stock market crash videos:

P.S. - The technicals look horrible as well.


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