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Saturday, March 8, 2008



The Kaznachayev experiments (in the former Soviet Union) show that the dying cells from the infected culture emitted photons in the near ultraviolet wave length that contained artificial (structural) potential. The virtual state, patterned substructures in this photon flux directly represented the cell's specific infection. In other words, as the infected cells died, they emitted 'death photons' which contained the template pattern of their death condition. When these death photons are absorbed into uninfected cells, their deterministic substructures gradually diffuse into the cells' bio-potentials. The bio-potentials of the new cells are charged up with the integrated pattern of the disease. As the bio-potentials of the cells gradually acquire the death photon's substructured pattern, this pattern is also diffused throughout (and modulates) the master cellular control system. All the cells in the sample (or in a biosystem) are now slowly charging up with the death photon pattern.
As irradiation by the death photons continues, the 'death structure' in the irradiated cells increases. It is spread throughout the cell culture by the master communications system, gradually charging the virtual state structure of the system with the death pattern (even though no virus, chemical, or radiation is present).

Bearden postulates that the possibility that such harmonics and subharmonics are directly involved in the death pattern: If so, the induction of such death patterns upon normal electromagnetic carriers is directly indicated. In that case, a large population could be bombarded, even on the other side of the Earth, with death photons whose virtual state substructures carry the particular disease pattern (being transmitted). With sufficient time, many of the targeted persons would develop the disease called for in the death photon electromagnetic template... Even if the power and/or irradiation time is reduced so that the absorbed death photons are insufficient to actually kindle the disease in the targeted population, a heightened change in the substructure of the biopotentials of the cells of the targeted persons is still accomplished. In that case, a precursor pattern --- a predisposition for that particular disease -- exists in the targeted persons.If the actual disease agent (viral or bacterial) is then loosed on the target population, the agent will be far more infectious and lethal than it otherwise would. In this way, even diseases which normally do not kill or seriously debilitate the infected person can suddenly become very lethal agents indeed.

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