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Thursday, March 20, 2008

24/7 Wall St.: Iomai and Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine (IOMI)

24/7 Wall St.: Iomai and Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine (IOMI)

Iomai and Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine (IOMI)

Iomai Corp. (Nasdaq: IOMI) is one of the interesting microcap stocks in the biotech sector with a government twist to its avian flu program. The company has announced positive interim results from a 500-subject Phase 1/2 trial of its patch used with an injected vaccine for H5N1 influenza (bird flu). The trial demonstrated a clinically relevant adjuvant effect when the Iomai patch was used with a single dose of the 45-microgram H5N1 vaccine. The trial found that a single 45-microgram dose of an H5N1 influenza vaccine, coupled with a single 50-microgram Iomai patch, was sufficient to provide an immune response considered protective in 73% of those tested. This is deemed a statistically significant improvement over those who received the H5N1 influenza vaccine alone.

Iomai has also noted that this is one of the first trials to demonstrate that a single dose of pandemic influenza vaccine may meet the level of protection suggested in FDA guidance, which recommends that a pandemic vaccine achieve immune response levels considered protective in 70% or more of vaccine recipients. No treatment-related serious adverse events were reported.

This trial was conducted under a $14.5 million contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) with the potential for an additional $114 million in follow-on funding. Iomai has shared the data with HHS and is now working with them to determine the next steps.

The only FDA-approved vaccine in the United States for the avian influenza H5N1 virus requires two 90-microgram doses, administered 28 days apart, to achieve hemagglutinin inhibition (HI) titers equal to or greater than 40% in 44% of vaccinated individuals.

-stay away from this stock as the chart is terrible and bird flu is not all over the news. if it can hold 1 dollar for a few months then have a nice macd cross over with the boobtube pumping the story then maybe. i found the article interesting and posted it because i track the bird flu. we have some birds with the virus in the uk. -st0ckman

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