Tuesday, December 29, 2009

School Fundraising Ideas

Fund raising for Schools, Clubs, Groups and Organizations

All fund raising groups must first decide what type of fundraiser they want to run. There are so many different fund raising companies offering their products and services these days, it can become a confusing and daunting experience to try to establish which company will best serve the needs of the group.
The first step for the group is to determine what they hope to accomplish with the fundraiser. After their goals have been clearly established and agreed on by everyone involved, they should set out to ascertain which fundraising company will best suit their needs and assist them to achieve the desired result. Each member should be asked to research fundraising companies and report back to the group on their findings.

Most fundraising groups want to achieve exactly what the name implies – they want to raise money, and most members of these groups are already busy people who don’t really have much time left to give on a daily basis. So it makes sense to try to avoid any fundraising ventures that take up excessive amounts of time, and also ones that require too much money or payments up front. The last thing a fundraising group needs is to run a high risk, time consuming fundraiser which could in the long run cause the group to actually lose money on the venture. It’s best to keep the event simple, manageable, and cost and time effective.

Deciding what time of year to run the fundraiser is an important part of the process. The group needs to do its homework and ensure that no other major events are taking place at the same time. For example, a school might want to run a Christmas fundraiser, but holding it too close to exam time might prove detrimental to a successful outcome.

Planning of the fundraiser is paramount. To make sure that everything occurs in an orderly fashion, the tasks should be delegated as much as possible. Each member of the group should take responsibility for at least one task. Setting deadlines for each task is a good idea, and extra time should be allocated to allow for mishaps and hold ups. This is because when the inevitable occurs and problems arise, the fundraiser can still progress smoothly and finish on time and as planned.

The group should create a budget for the fundraiser and stick to it. The event will need to be advertised, and this includes flyers, posters, brochures and newsletters. There should be an overall printing budget, which should include photocopying costs. The group should try to find a printing company who are willing to donate the printing costs, or perhaps reduce the costs in exchange for a small ad of their own on the advertisements.

At the conclusion of the fundraiser, the group should send out thank you notes to everyone who was involved and helped to organise the event, including those who donated time, merchandise or money. A detailed report on the success of the event should also be distributed to all members and their families.

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School Fundraising Ideas

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