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Introduction To Article Marketing

Introduction To Article Marketing

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Introduction To Article Marketing

Having an a successful website really isn’t that hard, most people make it hard
on themselves by trying to cut corners. You have to proactively go out and get
people to come back to your website. Success has already been proven, the recipes
are already there. If you’re willing to follow the recipes it’s really pretty hard
to truly fail. Article Marketing is a highly effective method used to promote your
online business or website. Signup to receive an Article Publishing Account which
allows you to write informative articles to be submitted to our parented system that will rewrite
and distribute your article to the homepage of thousands of domains within our
article bank.


Building inbound links is a very important part of Internet Marketing.
One of the best methods of promoting your website is Article Submission,
but don't waste your time with other so called "article submitting" and
"press release" services. Less desirable companies spread your article across
low-quality, link spammed, and sandboxed sites that will 'tag' your site as low
quality. They do not own the sites they are placing links on and have no control over
the content or integrity of where your link is being placed. Our private article
submitting system is an easy and effective way to quickly build targeted links
for your websites and landing pages. We offer balanced link placement across our
private network of domains that ensures we can build you inbound links that carry
Page Rank and relevance to your website. We only place links on domains that we
directly own and control so you are always assured of quality and integrity.

When you submit your article to our network you will instantly receive a
'stair stepped' growing number of static link across thousands of our network
domains. These links are STATIC one-way content rich inbound links to your
website and will boost your search engine ranking safely and consistently over time.
We understand advanced search engine optimization tactics and have designed our
technology to meet new rules and the ever changing formulas of Google and other
major portals. You can be assured that our technology always has your best
interest in mind.

Service Key Feature

Effortlessly Increase Your Search Engine Ranking
Auto-Pilot All Your Link Building Efforts
Establish New Customers From Each Article Posted
Increase Your Site Traffic From Article Readers

Article Submission Control Panel

When you Signup you will receive your own Article Submitting Control Panel (ASCP).
This control panel will allow you to submit your articles with ease online.
You can promote any website or business by simply writing an article or press
release and submitting it into our network. Your submission will instantly begin
to saturate and spread across our network which will provide you with thousands
of newly created in bound links.

Auto-Pilot Your Search Engine Optimization Link Building Efforts

Link building is a painful and time consuming task and our system can help.
We believe you should spend your time operating and expanding your website rather
then buying inbound links. Our system will put your search engine optimization
efforts on a complete 'auto pilot' program. By submitting just one article a month
you can build thousands of quality inbound links to your websites. This will
ensure you long-term success within the search engines and ensure your search
engine ranking increases over time. You will not have to purchase links in the
future and can focus your attention on adding and changing the content of your
site and the growth of your business.

Core Search Engine Optimization Concepts

Our developers understand the advanced concepts of search engine optimization
such as keyword density, content density, outbound link limitations, and methods
to drive Page Rank to article pages. Every article you add will be taken thru a
series of steps that will ensure it receives the proper attention and exposure
required to help drive traffic and link popularity to your website.

First Your Article Spreads Across The Network

When we first receive your article we will slowly spread it across our network.
We do this because the search engines 'flag' sites that gain too many inbound
links all at once. Our system will add your article across 20-30 of our domains
each day until it is properly placed in our network.

Content Rich Pages & Links

Each article page is optimized to target keywords and phrases. Page density is
calculated and each article is generated a unique web address (example:
tennessee-mortgage-quote.html). This system helps increase the relevancy
of the inbound link and also attract targeted and lucrative visitors to the
article pages, and finally to your website.

Article Pages Are Linked Into Our Page Rank Network

We believe in both quality and quantity. Each 'article' page that is created we
cross promote using our network of domains with high Page Rank.
This will increase the Page Rank on the articles you create and thus drive link
popularity directly into your website.

Test drive our service...FREE!

Our marketing works...and we would like to prove it to you!
Come test drive our system and post a handful of articles to our system with
no front costs. Once you see how easy it is to use our service we're positive
you'll make our tool your #1 marketing solution!

Join here today:

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If you found this article interesting please subscribe for updates with any reader or your email. Also be sure to check out my soon to launch membership website TheStockman.ORG,

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