Saturday, October 10, 2009

NYC Web Development Services

web development services

web development services

I am about to launch my web development services site.
the site will offer cutting edge web development techniques, search engine optimization and marketing as well as social networking promotion.
over the last six months i have assembled a team of 15 individuals from around the world capable of web design, graphic design, flash, programming, and software etc. the team was assembled due to the initial new york city campaign being a success and i am about to apply these techniques to cities around the country and eventually the globe. please subscribe and stay tuned. -the stockman

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Dollar Devaluation A Means To Cope With Debt

More signs of deterioration in unemployment indicators, devaluing to deal with debt, Treasury assumptions just too rosy, credit crisis widens the gap between rich and poor and crunches the middle class, state bills pile up, house valuations drop

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Attorney Jim Turner discusses the problems with our health care system

American health care costs twice as much as the next most expensive health care system in the world and produces the worst healthcare outcomes of any industrialized nation.

A leading Washington lawyer discusses how the food, drug, and even education market is designed to maximize profits while producing poor outcomes (which in turn generates more profit).

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