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Dr. Jeff Sutherland's Electronic Medicine

Dr. Jeff Sutherland's Electronic Medicine
snips from dr. sutherlands site:
A frequency generator can be attached to an Advanced BioPhoton Analyzer (ABPA) and the device will transmit an ultralow frequency carrier wave with the generated frequencies superimposed and filtered by a target photo. The person in the photo acts as a tuner that receives the frequencies.

F165/F70 frequency generators are used for this purpose as they put out multiple channels of high quality signals that are programmable by a scripting language. The Frequency Foundation has upgraded some of the F165 generators (shown in the photo above) to F170 devices that simultaneously emit 7 channels of frequencies. This allows you to target precisely and simultaneously all or most of the frequencies for a parasite, for example, which typically has 4-8 frequencies. This full scale assault on the life form radically shortens treatment time. Similarly for bacteria that form communities which have multiple frequencies for different stages of the community life cycle.

The Advanced Biophoton Analyzer (ABPA)is a device that can be used for many purposes. One of them is to broadcast frequencies on a very low frequency carrier wave that can penetrate the earth and is independent of distance. The frequency effect on a living organism at a remote location is comparable to being in the room with an EMEM plasma device or directly connected to electrodes from a contact device like an FSCAN

The ABPA has some advantages over direct contact with frequency devices as it is able to monitor the energy system of the target and only transmit information that will balance that energy system and bring it into a higher energy state. It is a self-correcting device that works with and enhances the effect of frequency generators attached to it. This only occurs if a Polaroid photo of the target is in the circuit. It can be in the photo well, on the antenna, or in the input or output wells. All of these are on the same circuit.

The only challenge remaining is finding the right frequencies for your purposes. As Dr. Royal Rife once said, if you have the wrong frequency or set of frequencies you will get no effect.

Vaccine Companies Investigated for Manslaughter - Articles

Vaccine Companies Investigated for Manslaughter - Articles

Vaccine Companies Investigated for Manslaughter

vaccine, vaccination, shotA formal investigation has been launched by French authorities against two managers from drug companies GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Pasteur. A second investigation for manslaughter has also been opened against Sanofi Pasteur MSD.

The investigations are in response to allegations that the companies failed to fully disclose side effects from an anti-hepatitis B drug used between 1994 and 1998.

During this time, close to two-thirds of the French population, and almost all newborn babies, received a hepatitis B vaccine. The vaccination campaign was halted after concerns rose over the shot’s side effects.

Thirty plaintiffs, including the families of five people who died after the vaccination, have launched a civil action in the case against the drug companies.

David Ignatius - Wall Street Bank Run -

David Ignatius - Wall Street Bank Run -

Wall Street Bank Run

Thursday, February 21, 2008; Page A15

It doesn't look like an old-fashioned bank run because it involves the biggest financial institutions trading paper assets so complicated that even top executives don't fully understand the transactions. But that's what it is -- a spreading fear among financial institutions that their brethren can't be trusted to honor their obligations.

Frightened financiers are pulling back from credit markets -- going on strike, if you will -- to escape the unraveling daisy chain of securitized assets and promissory notes that binds the global financial system. As each financier tries to protect against the next one's mistakes, the whole system begins to sag. That's what we're seeing now, as credit market troubles spread from bundles of subprime residential mortgages to bundles of other kinds of debt -- from student loans to retailers' receivables to municipal bonds.

Investors are nervous because they aren't sure how to value these bundles of securitized assets. So buyers stay away, prices fall further, and the damage spreads.

The public, fortunately, doesn't understand how bad the situation is. If it did, we might have a real panic on our hands.

The option ARM is "like the neutron bomb," says George McCarthy, a housing economist at New York's Ford Foundation. "It's going to kill all the people but leave the houses standing."

This Business Week article is pretty good, but I feel the need to take you much deeper down the rabbit hole. Try to get comfortable, it's not going to be pleasant.

I used to work for one of the oldest and largest financial services companies in the world. But you wouldn't have known it from looking at the sign on the outside of the building. You see, the firm kept its name out of public view when it came to this business: the sub prime mortgage lending racket.


This Wall Street firm, spoken about in hushed tones around country clubs and cocktail parties, DOES NOT want to have its name associated with the financial services equivalent of a chop shop or a whore house. Oh no. It just wants the money associated with this despicable operation, and none of the press. Questions in the media about the propriety of these activities might cause discomfort for investors. Certain public appearances need to be maintained, after all.

-i highly recommend cryptogon. - st0ckman

ABC News: Homes Worth Less Than Mortgages

ABC News: Homes Worth Less Than Mortgages

It's a real estate reality facing millions of Americans. Their homes are now worth less than what they owe on them.

Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's, said, "The last time we saw so many homeowners with so many home values that were worth less than the amount of mortgage they owed was back in the Great Depression."

Economists believe nearly 8.8 million Americans are now saddled with homes worth less than their mortgages. Chere Ferraiulo is among them. She, her husband and three teenage children live in Littleton, Colo., on a street where inside home after home live homeowners facing the same disturbing scenario.

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