Saturday, July 12, 2008

BANDIT electric 3-wheelAmerican Made

The BANDIT does exactly as specified. With a GIANT 35HP motor, American Controller, Dana Belt Drive and 72 Volts of power (in lead acid or lithium iron phosphate) this car has power, speed (if you want it and IT IS A USA product. At 11'-0 long and 5'-6" wide, it is as big as regular compact cars. 100% MONEY BACK WARRANTY, full year warranty. #1 in USA !see specifications below. American built. USA components...

the BANDIT 100% electric, 72 volt, 35 HP (AC) Motor


35 Horsepower AC electric motor - American650 amp controller

72 Volt battery system, either lithium or dry cell (no acid batteries)

Charging Time is about 4 to 5 hours - on board charger

Street and Highway Legal; registers as a motorcycle

10:1 differential - goes 65MPH - up to 100 miles on a charge

Regenerative hydraulic disk brakes on all 3 wheels

Inside turning radius is 3'-0 - ride flat front tire - 14" rims

Heater - Defroster - Optional AC - 4 roll down windows

Hatch back - sunroof that opens - seats 4 - 3-point seat belts

head lights - tail lights - flashers - turn signals - brake lights

locking doors - 4-door and hatchback door - DOT glass windows

deluxe carpeted interior - am/fm/cd stereo radio - Pioneer speakers

fiberglass construction - non-corrosive aluminum frame

back seats fold down for hauling - carries 1500 pound payload

back-up warning beeper - all safety equipment -all mirrors

length 11-6" - width 5'-5" - height 4'-0" - weight 1950 pounds

3 year FULL warranty, includng batteries, excludes tires's best 3 wheel vehicle

Interior of Bandit
caseys cars - BANDIT electric 3-wheelAmerican Made

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