Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Local Keywords Gold $6.97 !

Local Keywords Gold

What Will I Be Able To Do With
This Amazing Software?

  • Generate Huge Keyword Lists In Seconds, On The Fly!
  • Target Your Keywords By State So You Can Do Local Targeting!
  • Clean Your Lists And Remove All Of The Stuff You Don't Want Included Automatically!
  • Triple Your Keyword List Using Smart Tools In Just Seconds!
  • Save Hundreds Of Hours In Keyword Research Easily!
  • Prepare Your Keywords For PPC Use In Just 2 Clicks!

free download local keywords

You can see from the image above we turned the keyword "Dentist" into 5436 separate keywords just for the state of California.

That is one single keyword now turned into 5436!-
It's simply amazing!

You will then check the box "Prepend" to add the state or city data before your keyword such as...

  • Los Angeles Dentist

  • Oakland Dentist

  • San Francisco Dentist

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