Monday, February 25, 2008

(pt2)gtxi gap fade/trade coverd short

1 point winner.

GTXI - Stock Quote for GTx Inc - MSN Money

GTXI - Stock Quote for GTx Inc - MSN Money

Real-time Quote:
GTx Inc (GTXI)

View delayed quoteGTXI quote - Time of last sale: 3:56:18 PM Eastern
17.58 up +4.69 +36.38%fyi

Previous Close12.89Bid/Tick17.54 Down
Open20.00Bid Size600
Day's High20.00Ask17.58
Day's Low17.02Ask Size400
fyi Volume7.45 Mil52 Week Range

covering position at close, not on market close but a buy manually.
video coming up.

Secret Report Uncovers Massive Fraud at European Parliament | The Brussels Journal

Secret Report Uncovers Massive Fraud at European Parliament | The Brussels Journal

Secret Report Uncovers Massive Fraud at European Parliament

Chris Davies, a Liberal Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the North-West of the UK, is a member of the Budget Control Committee of the European Parliament. As he told BBC’s Today Programme (listen here), he discovered, quite by chance, that Parliament’s auditors had made a report detailing abuses on a vast scale, abuses that suggest some MEPs are simply plundering the system to enrich themselves.

Notwithstanding that he is a member of the Budget Control Committee, Mr. Davies was only allowed to see the report on condition that he signed all sorts of confidentiality agreements, read the report in a sealed “secret room”, protected by biometric locks and security guards and neither made a copy of nor took notes of the report.

Mr. Davies said the report contained accounts of abuse – let’s call a spade a spade here and call it theft and fraud – on a truly shocking scale. Though individuals were not named he made it clear that the extent of the embezzlement and fraud was on such a scale that it could only be met with condign prison sentences for some of those engaged in such practices.

OLAF, the EU Fraud Squad, had not yet heard of this report which makes one wonder if attempts are being made to bury it so as not to rock the boat and to conceal from the European people the extent to which MEPs are looting the public purse for their own enrichment.

GTXI - Stock Quote for GTx Inc - MSN Money

Trade - GTXI - Stock Quote for GTx Inc - MSN Money
***This is not a recommendation for you or buy or sell a stock. this is for education on market mechanics only. this is a very fast and risky trade. you must be suitable and check with a professional before trading. Do not trade on this information.***
Got short on gtxi around 18.75.
video with time stamp here:

YouTube - st0ckman's Channel

YouTube - st0ckman's Channel

pre market info as of 9am

GTXI - GTx, Inc. - Google Finance

GTXI - GTx, Inc. - Google Finance

GTx, Inc.

(Public, NASDAQ:GTXI) -
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0.00 (0.00%)
Feb 22 - Close

Open: N/A
Mkt Cap: 466.83M
P/E: N/A
Dividend: N/A

High: 12.89
52Wk High: 23.64
F P/E: -11.94
Yield: N/A

Low: 12.89
52Wk Low: 10.75
Beta: 2.06
Shares: 36.22M

Vol: 174,838.00
Avg Vol: 224,000.00
EPS: -1.15
Inst. Own: 45%
Pre-Market: 19.75 +6.86 (53.22%) - Feb 25, 8:35AM ET

The American College of Physicians (ACP) issued a new policy statement last week endorsing medical marijuana use. The group is urging the government to reverse its ban on medical treatments using marijuana. "ACP encourages the use of non-smoked forms of THC (the main psychoactive element in marijuana) that have proven therapeutic value," the new policy statement said. The Philadelphia-based organization, the second largest doctors group in the United States , cited studies into marijuana’s medical applications such as treating severe weight loss associated with illnesses such as AIDS, and treating nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy for cancer patients.[i]

Medical marijuana is becoming more and more associated with anti-carcinogenic effects, which are responsible in preventing or delaying the development of cancer. This means that cannabinoids offer cancer patients a therapeutic option in the treatment of highly invasive cancers. Before we look at the hard medical science that sustains these statements go to to see a series of videos that will convince you of the validity of these statements on cancer. The American College of Physicians wants it made legal as do millions of other people. If you or one of your loved ones every get cancer you will be wishing that the government would begin to listen to this medical organization.

12 Million new cases of Cancer Diagnosed in 2007 in the US .
In addition Cancer also killed 8 million people worldwide in 2007
American Cancer Society

After reading the science and watching this video series I am certain that any sane person with cancer or any late stage chronic disease will want free and legal access to hemp oil with a maximum concentration of THC, the active ingredient that is illegal in most places in the world. [ii]

The medical science is strongly in favor of THC laden hemp oil as a primary cancer therapy, not just in a supportive role to control the side effects of chemotherapy. The International Medical Verities Association is putting hemp oil on its cancer protocol. It is a prioritized protocol list whose top five items are magnesium chloride, iodine, selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid and sodium bicarbonate. It makes perfect sense to drop hemp oil right into the middle of this nutritional crossfire of anti cancer medicines, which are all available without prescription.

Hemp oil has long been recognised as one of the most versatile and beneficial substances known to man. Derived from hemp seeds (a member of the achene family of fruits) it has been regarded as a superfood due to its high essential fatty acid content and the unique ratio of omega3 to omega6 and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) - 2:5:1. Hemp oil, is known to contain up to 5% of pure GLA, a much higher concentration than any other plant, even higher than spirulina. For thousands of years, the hemp plant has been used in elixirs and medicinal teas because of its healing properties and now medical science is zeroing in on the properties of its active substances.

Both the commercial legal type of hemp oil and the illegal THC laden hemp oil are one of the most power-packed protein sources available in the plant kingdom. Its oil can be used in many nutritional and transdermal applications. In other chapters in my Winning the War on Cancer book we will discuss in-depth about GLA and cancer and also the interesting work of Dr. Johanna Budwig. She uses flax seed oil instead of hemp oil to cure cancer - through effecting changes in cell walls - using these omega3 and omega6 laden medicinal oils.

Hemp oil can cheaply and effectively
deliver a knock out blow to ones cancer.

Actually there is another way to use medical marijuana without smoking the leaf. According to Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya, “The usual irritating and toxic breakdown products of burning utilized with smoking are totally avoided with vaporization. Extraction and inhaling cannabinoid essential oils below ignition temperature of both crude and refined cannabis products affords significant mitigation of irritation to the oral cavity, and tracheobronchial tree from pyrollytic breakdown products.[iii]

NYSE Arca Morning Update

NYSE Arca Morning Update

NYSE Arca Morning Update for Monday, Feb 25, 2008 :

Stocks trading on NYSE Arca at a price more than 15% away from the previous trade day's consolidated close price. (As of 08:30:00 ET)

Friday's Close Current Price Pct Chng Current NYSE Arca Vol




















10 Most Active stocks on NYSE Arca as of 08:30:00 ET

Based on Dollar Volume: Based on Share Volume:
Dollar Volume
Share Volume

Gapping up:

GTXI +55.2%, TTWO +48.0%, DNA +8.9%, PWRD 6.1%, APWR 6.1%, GLF +5.5%, RBS +4.5%, DCO +3.8%, URZ +2.8%, GPCB +2.7%, ING +2.6%, SIGM +2.5%, EWJ +2.1%, CROX 2.0%, VMW 2.0%, POT 1.9%, SSL +1.6%, WPPGY +1.6%, LDK +1.5%, EMC +1.4%, DIS +1.3%, AUP +1.2%, AIXG +1.2%, BCS +1.2%, AXA +1.1%, ETFC +1.0%...

Gapping down:

LULU -3.1%, WM -3.0%, GFI -2.9%, LOW -2.5%, WFR -2.3%, BHP -2.1%, PTR -2.0%, GM -2.0%, GS -1.8%, SAP -1.6%, RTP -1.6%, C -1.5%, ACH -1.5%, FRE -1.4%, GOLD -1.3%, ACGY -1.3%, AZN -1.3%, CCU -1.2%, AAUK -1.1%, XLF -1.0%.

Pre-Market Most Active Stocks - NASDAQ Premarket

Pre-Market Most Active Stocks - NASDAQ Premarket

NASDAQ - Pre-Market Ten Most Advanced

Active Share Volume Declined


Company Name

Last Sale (Pre-Market) % Change


GTx, Inc.
$12.89 $21.15 64.08% 10,700

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
$17.36 $25.80 48.62% 1,183,843

Dendreon Corporation
$5.29 $5.60 5.86% 27,850

Hoku Scientific, Inc.
$9.26 $9.74 5.18% 12,860

Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.
$11.12 $11.50 3.42% 79,550

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.
$2.92 $2.94 0.68% 5,272

E*TRADE Financial Corporation
$4.79 $4.82 0.63% 35,196

Encysive Pharmaceuticals Inc
$2.26 $2.27 0.44% 3,470

Crocs, Inc.
$25.43 $25.51 0.31% 6,740

Microsoft Corporation
$27.68 $27.71 0.11% 73,250

As of 2/25/2008 8:12:36 AM

NASDAQ - Pre-Market Ten Most Declined

Active Share Volume Advanced


Company Name

Last Sale (Pre-Market) % Change


Cell Genesys, Inc.
$2.62 $2.45 6.49% 5,304

LM Ericsson Telephone Company
$21.64 $21.27 1.71% 16,900, Inc.
$244.39 $242.60 0.73% 3,120

Shire plc
$58.90 $58.52 0.65% 104,588

Apple Inc.
$119.46 $118.70 0.64% 80,088

Acergy S.A.
$21.30 $21.18 0.56% 10,875

Research in Motion Limited
$107.95 $107.40 0.51% 12,384

Cisco Systems, Inc.
$23.60 $23.49 0.47% 3,315

Intel Corporation
$19.82 $19.80 0.10% 9,936

As of 2/25/2008 8:12:08 AM

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