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US War Plans and the "Strait of Hormuz Incident": Just Who Threatens Whom?

US War Plans and the "Strait of Hormuz Incident": Just Who Threatens Whom?

Media Disinformation

Coinciding with Bush's Middle East trip, the intent of the Pentagon's propaganda ploy is to present Iran as the aggressor.

The patrol activities of these boats are presented as "a serious threat" and an act of "provocation". The London Times goes even further: in its January 7 morning headlines the Iranian speed boats, barely 30 feet long, were apparently preparing "a suicide attack" against US war ships equipped with advanced state of art weaponary:

"Iran speedboats 'threatened suicide attack on US' in Strait of Hormuz" (London Times headlines, January 7, 2008)

Iranian patrol boats to be used in a kamikaze style "terrorist" mission, to "explode the American vessels"?

Ron Paul Pittsfield New Hampshire voter fraud?

more proof of voter fraud in n.h. primaries

REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER: Election Fraud Roundtable

bill maher believes there is voter fraud in n.h. . why stop there bill?

My Way News - Recordings Show Iran-US Clash in Gulf

My Way News - Recordings Show Iran-US Clash in Gulf


(AP) In this photo released by the U.S. Navy, The guided missile cruiser USS Port Royal (CG 73) is seen...
Full Image
At the Pentagon, defense officials were working to release about five minutes of video and audio that show several small boats as well as the U.S. ships involved in the clash. The Hopper was in the lead as the ships were moving through the Strait of Hormuz.

Military officials said the audio recording includes both threats and transmissions from the Iranians, as well as U.S. Navy transmissions. The audio and video recordings were made separately, and initially covered much of the more than 20 minute confrontation, but were pulled together and combined by the Navy, the officials said.

The top U.S. Navy commander in the Gulf said an Iranian fleet of high-speed boats charged at and threatened to blow up the Navy convoy as it passed near but outside Iranian waters on Monday. The Iranian fleet "maneuvered aggressively" and then fled as the American ship commanders were preparing to open fire, Vice Adm. Kevin Cosgriff said. No shots were fired. - Pontiff: Anti-Christian Attacks Hurt All Iraqis - Iraq - Anti-Christian Attacks Hurt All Iraqis

Wednesday's explosions, within two minutes of each other, were outside Kirkuk's Chaldean cathedral and the Assyrian Christian Maar Afram church.

On Sunday, two churches, a convent and an orphanage in Mosul, and three churches and a convent in Baghdad were also attacked.

Benedict XVI asked that his "heartfelt solidarity to the superiors of the religious communities affected by these attacks" be conveyed. He expressed "his sentiments of sincere solidarity with all members of the Christian communities in Iraq, Catholic and non-Catholic alike."

2nd link:

Iraqis rush to the site of a car bomb attack in Kirkuk

Chemical Skies: Aerosol Pollutants From Planes Cause Disease

Chemical Skies: Aerosol Pollutants From Planes Cause Disease

Chemtrail particulate was reportedly tested by independent citizens and stated to contain barium (possibly BaTIO3), aluminum, bacteria, dessicated erythrocytes, molds, fungi/mycoplasma, isotopes, and a strange bio-filament that resembles spider webbing. The barium content has been tested at eight times the 'safe limit' of human exposure which affects immune function, metabolic resistance to intake of potassium, respiratory illnesses, gastrointestinal system issues, as well as environmental changes ( .

There are a few main conjectures as to why this is happening, and by whom since the US Air Force labels this a 'hoax' despite our own eyes, and the EPA refuses to analyze the particulates that have been found. Remember the assertion by the administration back in 2001, that terrorists had plans to spray us with biochemicals from small planes? Unfortunately, government agencies and the media, who should be our frontline of defense, are silent or dis-informing.

the War Against Jihadism Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism: A Call to Action: Books: George Weigel
Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism: A Call to Action

The Raw Story | Iran showdown has echoes of faked Tonkin attack

The Raw Story | Iran showdown has echoes of faked Tonkin attack

Nick Juliano
Published: Friday January 11, 2008

A dramatic showdown at sea. Crossed communication signals. Apparently-hostile craft nearby. Sketchy intelligence leading to ratcheted up rhetoric.

The similarities between this week's confrontation between US warships and Iranian speedboats and events off the coast of North Vietnam 44 years ago were too hard for many experts to miss, leading to the question: Is the Strait of Hormuz 2008's Gulf of Tonkin?"

-if the straight of hormuz is shut down due to war the price of oil will skyrocket resulting in a global economic crisis. everything is based one way or another on the cost of oil. electric, gasoline, milk anything delivered with gasoline will skyrocket. -st0ckman

The polio vaccine, AIDS, and their US-made viruses

The polio vaccine, AIDS, and their US-made viruses

The polio vaccine, AIDS, and their US-made viruses
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

The deadly truth is that the National Cancer Institute (NCI-Frederick) and 37 mission partners are located at Fort Detrick, about 20 minutes from Bethesda, Maryland. The Fort is home to the United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (ISAMRMC). The primary missions include biomedical research and development. This is where the AIDS virus was developed, but not from monkeys.

In my 2005 Online Journal article, The AIDS virus: Made in the USA?, I reported that “Dr. Robert Strecker indicated that the AIDS virus was in fact developed by the National Cancer Institute, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO), in a laboratory at Ft. Detrick in Maryland. From 1970–74, this laboratory facility was part of the U.S. Army’s germ warfare unit, known as the Army Infectious Disease Unit, or Special Operations Division, also referred to as the Army’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Laboratory. Post 1974, the facility was renamed the National Cancer Institute (NCI). According to researcher William Cooper (former Navy Intelligence officer), noted in Larry Jamison’s article Is The AIDS Virus Man Made?, this work was supervised by the CIA under a project called MK-NAOMI. [To get to this site click link, then “All News,” then “Next page”].

“Dr. Strecker has also traced some of the research and researchers at Ft. Detrick/NCI to a group of Japanese scientists captured at WW II’s end and given amnesty in exchange for information on racial and ethnic bio-weaponry, their research dating back to 1930. What’s more, expatriated Russian scientists were brought in to help as well.

“Dr. Strecker, one of the original and foremost authorities on the AIDS virus, found that the virus creation was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Robert Gallo, who later claimed to discover the virus. Dr. Gallo and his team created the AIDS virus by combining the bovine (cattle) leukemia virus and visna (sheep) virus, and injecting them into human tissue cultures.

“They discovered, as Strecker did, that bovine leukemia virus is lethal to cattle, but not to humans. And the visna virus is deadly to sheep, but not to man. However, when combined, they produce a retro-virus that can change the genetic composition of the cells they enter. In fact, as Larry Jamison points out, early field tests on prison convicts led to sickness then death, which inspired Gallo and friends to bigger and more terrible things, including injecting brothers and sisters with the tainted vaccine to see who died first. This was done to study HLA (human leukocyte antigen processing), to see how related people reacted. Frighteningly, whole families got sick at once! And there was worse to come.

“The AIDS retro-virus works, as Dr. Strecker states, by causing the destruction of the immune system, fundamentally the body's white blood or T-cells essential to the effectiveness of the immune system particularly against opportunistic infections diseases. The B-cells deal with more benign, bacterial infections. AZT, the drug which is a kind of junk food that starves the AIDS virus, often kills the patient as well. It provides dubious consolation. . . ."

As an updating underscore, I quote from Dr. Alan Cantwell’s 11/4/04 article at, The Man-Made Origin Of AIDS -- Important Notes . . . in which he unqualifiedly states: “VISNA VIRUS WAS MOVED INTO PORCINE, BOVINE, AND HUMAN CELLS CAUSING PRODUCTIVE INFECTION PRIOR TO ANY ADVENT OF HIV ANYWHERE."


Huckabee- Gates of Hell

huckabee, a council on foreign relations bum who is pro war / prodeath shill.


US drops 40,000 pounds of bombs in ten minutes on al Qaeda targets in Iraq | the Daily Mail

US drops 40,000 pounds of bombs in ten minutes on al Qaeda targets in Iraq | the Daily Mail

The US military has launched a strike on al Qaeda targets this morning

"More than half of the violent deaths documented in the WHO report occurred in Baghdad.

An average of 128 Iraqis suffered violent deaths every day in the first year following the invasion. The next year, an average of 115 were killed daily and 126 died from violence each day in the third year after the war started.

Estimates of Iraq's civilian deaths have been hampered by the lack of a well-functioning death registration system, the WHO said.

Over 150,000 Iraqis killed

Press TV

Survey: Over 150,000 Iraqis killed
Thu, 10 Jan 2008 02:55:24

The US invasion of Iraq has led to a human catastrophe.
The US-led invasion of Iraq has led to a grave human catastrophe which has left more than 150,000 Iraqi people killed, a survey shows.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared on Wednesday that a large-scale household survey showed that an estimated 151,000 Iraqis have been killed since the US-led invasion of their country in March 2003 to the middle of 2006.

The details of the survey have been published in the New England journal of Medicine, the DPA reported.

"Assessment of the death toll in conflict situations is extremely difficult and household survey results have to be interpreted with caution," said Mohamed Ali, a WHO statistician.

"However, in the absence of comprehensive death registration and hospital reporting, household surveys are the best we can do,” he added.

The WHO estimate is based on interviews in 9,345 households in nearly 1,000 neighborhoods and villages across Iraq.


-this takes us to a MINIMUM of 750,000 dead in the middle east. 750k as reported by main stream media. can you guess what the real number is? :-( -st0ckman :-( N.H. agrees to re-count both parties' presidential primaries N.H. agrees to re-count both parties' presidential primaries

CONCORD — New Hampshire agreed Friday to conduct full hand re-counts of Tuesday's Democratic and Republican presidential primaries.

Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who received less than 2 percent of the Democratic vote, and Albert Howard of Michigan, who received about 44 votes statewide in the GOP primary, each paid a $2,000 fee to start the process, officials said.

Both candidates agreed in writing late Friday to pay the full cost of the re-counts, Secretary of State William Gardner said. Both could back out when they get the estimates, expected next week.

Candidates who finish more than 3 percentage points behind the winner must pay the estimated full cost of a re-count before it can begin. The cost is refunded if the requester wins or is shown to be within 1 percentage point of the winner.

Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan said re-counts could start Jan. 16.

Kucinich cited "serious and credible reports, allegations and rumors" in requesting the Democratic re-count. Howard did not explain his request.

Scanlan said he is confident re-counts will verify the accuracy of the results."

-this changes everything. lets see if they go the distance. -st0ckman

NOTMILK Poster: C is for Crohn's Disease


In 2001, a group of Greek researchers (Avlami,
published their amazing discovery in the Journal of the
Infection (J. Infect. 42 (4): 283-5). These scientists
learned that the same bacteria Kraft adds to probiotic
cheddar cheese also can cause heart disease.

Kraft's new cheese product, Kraft LiveActive, also has
the potential to infect consumers with mycobacterium
paratuberculosis just as other dairy products have
done. See:

Kraft Foods is America's second-largest dairy distributor.
Dean Foods is #1. In 2007, Kraft's revenues exceeded $34
billion. That's an average yearly sale of $113 for each

Kraft's new LiveActive contains two teeming bacterial cultures
(bifidobacterium lactis & lactobacillus rhamnosus), which are
similar to the living microscopic organisms added to yogurt
by the Dannon Company.

Kraft Foods has borrowed Dannon's playbook by adding bacteria
to cheddar cheese. Unfortunately, they did not practice their
new trick play before sponsoring last week's traditional
New Year's day Mozzarella football Bowl played in Green Bay,
Wisconsin, between the worst team in the Big Ten (Minnesota 0-7)
versus the worst team in the Ivy League (Columbia 0-7). The
4am game was watched by 17 fans (half Minnesota, half Columbia).
The contest ended in a 2-2 tie.

Should you be unfortunate enough to develop a heart valve
condition after eating Kraft's bacterial-cheddar, find yourself
a good attorney and capture a big slice of their $34-billion
cheese pie.

The evidence is in. "

got cancer? -st0ckman

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