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Vaccination Programs Under Scrutiny (Part 3)

Vaccination Programs Under Scrutiny (Part 3)

Most health authorities are not exactly helpful in supporting parents to choose what is best for their children. In spite of damaging evidence, such as the following, they still support the use of immunizations. For instance, the use of the mercury-based thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines has been associated with autism. Despite the evidence, mercury is still being added to vaccines at completely unsafe levels considering the fact that it is a known neurotoxin. A recent study conducted by the University of Calgary showed that mercury ions alter the cell-membrane of developing neurons in babies and young children, directly contributing to autism.

In the late 1990s, the U.S. Public Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics petitioned drug companies to remove thimerosal from vaccines intended for children. Why? Well, in one study that examined CDC statistics, researchers found evidence that children who receive just three vaccines containing thimerosal are 27 times more likely to develop autism, compared to children who get vaccinations containing no thimerosal. That's a 2,700 percent increase. Who needs more proof than that? Apparently, the current (2007) administration of the U.S. government does.

Jerome Kerviel's hometown in the spotlight

could do 3 years in jail. locals cheering him on and vouching for his character.

Insider Trading Case assent llc mckeever

LawFuel - The Law News Network

US Attorney Reports Guilty Plea From Former Broker Over Insider Trading Case

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LAWFUEL - Legal Newswire - MICHAEL J. GARCIA, the United States Attorney for the
Southern District of New York, announced that LAURENCE McKEEVER,
46, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy charges in connection with
a scheme in which he agreed to conceal the insider trading
activity of two individuals in exchange for approximately
$50,000. According to the Indictment and statements at the
guilty plea proceedings in Manhattan federal court:

In August 2006, McKEEVER -- a registered
representatives at a brokerage firm called Assent LLC --
determined that two individuals were executing an insider trading
scheme through an Assent account and were reaping large, illegal
profits from that trading. In particular, these individuals were
executing securities transactions based on material, nonpublic
information regarding upcoming upgrades and downgrades in UBS
analysts’ securities recommendations.

McKEEVER, in violation of his duty to Assent, agreed to
conceal the insider trading scheme from higher level Assent
management in exchange for cash payments to total approximately
$50,000. Between August 2006 and November 2006, McKEEVER was
paid $30,000 pursuant to the agreement.
McKEEVER pleaded guilty before United States District
Judge LORETTA A. PRESKA to one count of conspiracy to commit
securities fraud, wire fraud, and commercial bribery. Sentencing
is scheduled for May 1, 2008. McKEEVER faces a maximum sentence
of five years’ imprisonment.
McKEEVER is the tenth of thirteen defendants, against
whom criminal charges were announced last year in connection with
this investigation, to enter a guilty plea.

The trials of the remaining three defendants are
scheduled as follows:

scheduled to begin on March 3, 2008, before United
States District Judge DEBORAH A. BATTS.
• The trial of SAMUEL W. CHILDS, JR. (McKEEVER’s
codefendant) is scheduled to begin on April 7, 2008,
before United States District Judge LORETTA A. PRESKA.
As to these defendants, the charges are merely
accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and
until proven guilty.

Mr. GARCIA, a member of the President’s Corporate Fraud
Task Force, praised the investigative work of the Federal Bureau
of Investigation and thanked the Securities and Exchange
Commission for its assistance in the investigation.
Assistant United States Attorneys ANDREW FISH and
DEIRDRE MCEVOY are in charge of the McKEEVER prosecution.


Laurence (Larry) Mckeever sentencing delayed until may 20th

Ron Paul @ CNN/Politico/L.A.Times Debate(pt.1)1-30-08

ron paul discusses "the destruction of the dollar and its effects on the middle class"

NORML.ORG US CA: City OKs Medicinal Marijuana Resolution

NORML.ORG US CA: City OKs Medicinal Marijuana Resolution

Berkeley City Council members unanimously approved a resolution last night to declare Berkeley a sanctuary for medicinal marijuana in the event of federal interference with dispensaries.

The resolution, which was received with overwhelming support and applause from the audience, opposes attempts by the Drug Enforcement Administration to conduct raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in Berkeley, and urges city, county and state departments to not cooperate in the event that a raid occurs.

By claiming itself as a sanctuary, Berkeley have committed to ensuring that residents are provided access to medicinal marijuana if dispensaries in the city are shut down.

Item : Not buying the Jerome Kerviel - SocGen story

Item : Not buying the Jerome Kerviel - SocGen story

  • But with all the other facts that don't add up, it almost defies credulity.
  • The margin requirements necessary on the number of futures contracts necessary to produce such a loss would come to about €400 million. Where did he get the money?
  • SG has decided to prosecute him but on only very limited terms: document fraud and attacks on their internal control systems while not pursuing any monetary damages and saying that he did not
    attempt to profit from the trades. This will allow them to pursue him in the courts on a very focused case which reduces the risk that they will have to reveal any of their internal accounting.

So the obvious question is: are the trading losses ascribed to Jerome Kerviel, the rogue trader, vastly exaggerated and did the bank use this occasion to attribute more losses to his account that he was really guilty of... That's today's contribution to the great body of work surrounding conspiracy theories :-)

-if you look in my archives you will see i pegged the entire event as a a scam from the get go. -st0ckman

YouTube - st0ckman's Pre Market Most Actives - NYSE Nasdaq, Futures

YouTube - st0ckman's Pre Market Most Actives - NYSE Nasdaq, Futures

Jobs Number Hits Futures, Consumer Cos.Talk Price Hikes - Trader Talk with Bob Pisani -

Jobs Number Hits Futures - Trader Talk with Bob Pisani -

Futures dropped at 8:30 ET because jobless claims numbers higher than expected have somewhat hopes that the nonfarm payrolls report tomorrow will be stronger than expected.

There are two noteworthy trends from companies announcing earnings:

1) Once again, consumer companies have talked about higher costs and price increases. Today it was Colgate and Proctor & Gamble.

2) Both Ann Taylor

AnnTaylor Stores Corp

22.83 UNCH 0%

[ANN 22.83 --- UNCH (0%) ] and Starbucks [SBUX 19.22 --- UNCH (0%) ] have talked this morning about limiting store growth in response to the slower economy. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said "the consumer is in a recession."

On earnings:

1) Colgate

Colgate-Palmolive Co

73.5 UNCH 0%

[CL 73.5 --- UNCH (0%) ] beat, and announced a repurchase of 30 m shares. Note that Colgate generates less than 20 percent of its sales in North America. Their global market shares of key products like toothpaste, soap, and toothbrushes are all at record highs.

2) P&G

Procter & Gamble Co

65.09 UNCH 0%

[PG 65.09 --- UNCH (0%) ] beat by a penny and confirmed they were splitting off their Folgers business. Their guidance for the current quarter is just a tad below analyst expectations.

3) Like Centex

Centex Corp

26.4 UNCH 0%

[CTX 26.4 --- UNCH (0%) ], Pulte Homes [PHM 13.57 --- UNCH (0%) ] recorded a huge loss of $3.54, much greater than the loss of $0.76 expected. Like Centex, the bigger than expected mix was related to land-related impairment charges. Their guidance for the quarter is a loss of $0.15 to a loss of $0.30, analyst estimate is loss of $0.33.

4) What's up with the oil service stocks? First, Smith International


Unavailable %

[SLL Unavailable (%) ], then Baker Hughes[BHI 67.27 --- UNCH (0%) ] , now Cooper Cameron [CAM 43.06 --- UNCH (0%) ] is getting hammered on disappointing guidance. Down 7 percent pre-open.

Street estimates seem overly optimistic.

5) Aerospace giant Goodrich

Goodrich Corp

62.84 UNCH 0%

[GR 62.84 --- UNCH (0%) ] beat and talked about "steady growth" in aerospace, and reaffirmed 2008 guidance of $4.15-$4.30, though that is below analyst expectations of $4.33 (Reuters). They also note that Boeing's delay in the 787 would not have a material impact on earnings in 2008 or 2009.

6) Buried in the William Ackman letter so critical of Ambac

AMBAC Financial Group Inc

10.85 UNCH 0%

[ABK 10.85 --- UNCH (0%) ] and MBIA [MBI 13.96 --- UNCH (0%) ] was an interesting argument for eliminating the purpose of the bond insurers altogether, that is, to try to create what he calls "Open Source Research" where "all market participants can have equal access to the primary source data and construct their own views of losses without reliance on the analytical judgment of rating agencies or the bond insurance industry."

European banks like UBS


42.26 UNCH 0%

[UBS 42.26 --- UNCH (0%) ] , Deutsche Bank [DB 114.56 --- UNCH (0%) ] , and AXA [AXA 34.57 --- UNCH (0%) ] are all weak today.

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