Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank You Barry Salottolo of

The st0ckman is honored to develop Barry Salottolo's Youth Arts Forum and help bring the childrens art to the world. If your child is an artist or performer give Barry a call or email.

Youth Arts Forum collects and displays the artwork of young artists from around the country and around the world. The variety of gallery shows and other creative venues we arrange allow for the artists from around the USA and the world to have their work displayed and, at the discretion of the young artist, an option for their work to be offered for sale. If the work sells we send 70% of the proceeds to the artist and the remaining 30% to YAF. Of that, YAF uses 20% to further our ability to expose the artwork in various venues, from art galleries, to schools, public buildings, fairs and more. Since one of the major objectives of Youth Arts Forum is to project a keen awareness of the contribution of our young artists to the world, YAF is donating 10% of those proceeds to local and international organizations that help children in the areas of disease control and education.

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