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Martial Rouyere

Societe Generale probe - Martial Rouyere Now Questioned
Martial Rouyere

The bank says he acted alone, but Kerviel said during questioning that his superiors looked the other way when he was making money for the bank.

In the lawyer's letter, Canoy asked the judges to question Martial Rouyere, the head of the trading desk where Kerviel worked. Canoy, who has access to legal documents filed in the case, suggested Rouyere had knowledge of Kerviel's activity but did not stop it because in 2007 Kerviel's trades were gaining money for the bank.

Officials at Societe Generale would not comment on Canoy's claim, or say whether Martial Rouyere is still employed with the company.

Martial Rouyere's name repeatedly came up in computer text messages Kerviel sent to a broker who has been questioned in the case, according to excerpts of the messages published in Nouvel Obs weekly over the weekend.

Kerviel was questioned for a third time Wednesday, for five hours.

In his statement to the police in late January, Kerviel identified two supervisors of his equity derivatives trading team - known as Delta One - whom he said were familiar with his activities going back to last April.

These colleagues, according to lawyers with knowledge of the case, were Martial Rouyère, head of the Delta One trading desk, and his deputy, Eric Cordelle.

Rouyère has since been questioned by the French authorities, and a lawyer for Société Générale, Jean Veil, has said that he expects Kerviel's "entire hierarchy" to eventually be questioned.

Comcast to FCC: 'Yes, We Throttle BitTorrent Traffic, but So What?'

Comcast to FCC: 'Yes, We Throttle BitTorrent Traffic, but So What?'

Formally defends its controversial interference of P2P traffic in testimony before the FCC.

Comcast testified before the FCC in formal comments Tuesday that hampering some file-sharing traffic by its customers was a justifiable way to keep network traffic flowing for everyone.

The company's network management practices that cause a disruption in BitTorrent traffic is the subject of formal complaints to the FCC from consumer groups and law professors.

Both argue that Comcast is violating the principle of 'Net Neutrality, that all Internet traffic should be treated equally regardless of consumption levels. They say the company has ulterior motives in hindering the downloading of video content since the practice competes with its very own cable TV business.

Danish ISP Decides to Fight Order to Block The Pirate Bay

Danish ISP Decides to Fight Order to Block The Pirate Bay

There's new info on the state of the IFPI's efforts to have The Pirate Bay blocked by Danish ISP Tele 2. Yesterday brought word that it has decided to fight an order by the 'fogderetten', a Danish court which hears economic disputes, for it to begin preventing its Internet subscribers from viewing the site over arguments that it facilitates copyright infringement.

Iran oil bourse will be launched Sunday - Persian Journal economy business Latest Archaeology oil gas news & Iranian business newspaper gas

Iran oil bourse will be launched Sunday - Iran to open electricity bourse -Persian Journal

Iran's Oil Minister Gholamhossein Nozari has said the long-awaited Iranian Oil Bourse will be inaugurated Sunday. The inauguration ceremony will be attended by Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Davud Danesh Jafari, who will appoint head of the Iranian Oil Bourse.

Jafari earlier stated that the Oil Bourse will be located on the Persian Gulf island of Kish and the official trade currency will be the Iranian rial.

The bourse will act as a trading platform for oil, petrochemical, and gas products.

Experts say the success of an oil bourse would largely depend on cooperation with other OPEC members as well as a much-needed consensus from Persian Gulf states.

Persian Journal - Iran Latest News

Meantime, an electricity bourse will be inaugurated in the first six months of next Iranian year (to start March 20).

Referring to the power plants as the main applicants, Mohammad-Hossein Javid added that 25 percent of the energy will be marketed in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). He called the measure a strategy to reduce the waste of power. "This will remarkably increase the power plants' output by 25-50 percent," he added.

-going forward after the cut cables and opening an electricity bourse as well! this is going to piss someone off! -st0ckman

Bernanke Says Economic Outlook Is Worse: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Bernanke Says Economic Outlook Is Worse: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

"The outlook for the economy has worsened in recent months, and the downside risks to growth have increased," Bernanke said. "To date, the largest economic effects of the financial turmoil appear to have been on the housing market, which, as you know, has deteriorated significantly over the past two years or so."

Bernanke also told senators that the "virtual shutdown" of the market for subprime mortgages given to people with blemished credit histories or low incomes -- and a reluctance by skittish lenders to make "jumbo" home loans exceeding $417,000 -- have aggravated problems in the housing market.

Unsold homes have piled up and foreclosures have climbed to record highs

FREE ENERGY Home Generator -Zero Point Energy - Off the Grid

YouTube - Free Energy, The Race to Zero Point Clip 1

YouTube - Free Energy, The Race to Zero Point Clip 1
J.P. Morgan Prohibits Tesla's Work & the people's free energy!

part two
part three

Pre Market Trading

Pre Market Trading
Pre Market Trading:
Pre Market Trading for the nasdaq, nyse, futures, etc
as of 9am est

Please visit the link below for an archive of all my pre market trading posts.

pre market tradingpremarket trading

Société Générale Fraud: A Timeline of Events by Wall Street & Technology

Société Générale Fraud: A Timeline of Events by Wall Street & Technology

Société Générale Fraud: A Timeline of Events
The Société Générale fraud began to surface in 2007 when junior trader Jerome Kerviel’s losses started to materialize.
By Melanie Rodier
Wall Street & Technology
February 12, 2008

Société Générale junior trader Jerome Kerviel started building up large positions in 2007. As his losses accumulated, he covered up his positions by hacking into the bank's risk management system. Below is a timeline of the events in mid-January 2008 that lead to the discovery of Kerviel's fraudulent activities:

Jan. 18: A compliance officer notices a trade that has breached one of the bank's thresholds. The officer telephones another brokerage, with which Soc Gen had apparently made the trade, and is told that the firm has no record of this transaction ever taking place.

Jan. 19 & 20: Over the weekend, Soc Gen management starts investigating suspicious trades that all are traced back to Kerviel.

Jan. 20: Kerviel is questioned by the Soc Gen board.

Jan. 20: Soc Gen Chairman Daniel Bouton informs the Governor of the Bank of France and the head of France's AMF stock market authority of the situation.

Jan. 21: On Monday, Soc Gen management decides to close Kerviel's positions. Equity markets plunge, with many stock indexes suffering their worst one-day close since Sept. 11, 2001.

Jan. 22: The U.S. Federal Reserve announces an emergency interest rate cut. While many pointed the finger at the Soc Gen trades for triggering the cut, the Fed later says it was unaware of the Soc Gen rogue trader situation when it made its decision to slash rates to 3.5 percent.

Jan. 24: Soc Gen issues a statement saying it has uncovered a US$7.14 billion fraud at the bank, the biggest loss ever recorded in the financial industry by a single trader.

NYSE Arca Morning Update

NYSE Arca Morning Update

NYSE Arca Morning Update for Thursday, Feb 14, 2008 :

Stocks trading on NYSE Arca at a price more than 15% away from the previous trade day's consolidated close price. (As of 08:30:00 ET)

Wednesday's Close Current Price Pct Chng Current NYSE Arca Vol



( 18%)





( 15%)


10 Most Active stocks on NYSE Arca as of 08:30:00 ET

Based on Dollar Volume: Based on Share Volume:
Dollar Volume
Share Volume


Pre-Market Gappers

Gapping up:

PPO +13.9%, AMKR +13.6%, HIMX +9.8%, VCLK +7.7%, ALXN +7.4%, BIDU +7.2%, EQIX +7.2%, TOMO +6.3%, GNK +6.2%, CMCSA +5.6%, RMKR +4.9%, CCRT +4.9%, MBI +4.5%, CCU +4.4%, CSIQ +4.3%, ABK +3.4%, FMC +2.6%, STP +2.5%, ESLR +2.2%, DNDN +2.1%, FSLR +2.0%, JASO +1.8%, NVDA +1.5%, SKX +1.5%, TASR +1.5%, FNM +1.4%, ACXM +1.0%...

Gapping down:

MDRX -13.3%, NTGR -9.4%, STMP -9.3%, HPY -8.3%, XFML -8.0%, COIN -7.0%, UBS -6.0%, UBS -5.7%, AAP -5.4%, GSIC -5.3%, GPRO -4.6%, IM -4.3%, ZGEN -4.3%, NTAP -3.6%, XTO -1.3%, DAI -1.0%.

U.S. stock futures lean higher before Bernanke testimony - MarketWatch

U.S. stock futures lean higher before Bernanke testimony - MarketWatch

Crude-oil futures rose 78 cents to $94.05 a barrel.
Earnings season rolled on, with Comcast (CMCSA:
rallying 4.9% in pre-open deals after announcing a dividend payment for the first time since 1999 and reporting a 54% profit rise.
Marriott International (MAR:
met fourth-quarter expectations, but its 2008 guidance was a bit short of analyst estimates. (BIDU:
jumped 6.2% in pre-open trade after the Chinese search provider reported a faster-than-forecast rise in fourth-quarter net profit.
said it still has significant exposure to the troubled U.S. mortgage market, raising fears of further write-downs, as it confirmed a $13.7 billion charge had sent its bottom line plunging into the red.
Asian stock markets surged, with the Nikkei 225 jumping 4.2% in Tokyo, helped by surprisingly robust Japanese growth data as well as the Wall Street gains.
A wave of mostly healthy earnings helped stocks in Europe rise, with the French CAC 40 up 1%. End of Story

Pre-Market Most Active Stocks - NASDAQ Premarket

Pre-Market Most Active Stocks - NASDAQ Premarket

NASDAQ - Pre-Market Ten Most Advanced

Active Share Volume Declined


Company Name

Last Sale (Pre-Market) % Change


Spartan Motors, Inc.
$8.35 $9.80 17.37% 7,720

MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
$3.02 $3.40 12.58% 41,815

Amkor Technology, Inc.
$9.40 $10.46 11.28% 5,099

Equinix, Inc.
$72.75 $80.25 10.31% 12,668

Comcast Corporation
$17.81 $19.60 10.05% 727,411

Comcast Corporation
$17.60 $19.10 8.52% 10,824

ValueClick, Inc.
$21.68 $23.30 7.47% 95,865

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
$69.63 $74.40 6.85% 24,448, Inc.
$261.09 $276.31 5.83% 166,508

Dendreon Corporation
$5.68 $6.01 5.81% 207,487

As of 2/14/2008 8:27:51 AM

NASDAQ - Pre-Market Ten Most Declined

Active Share Volume Advanced


Company Name

Last Sale (Pre-Market) % Change


Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc
$15.39 $12.48 18.91% 15,792

NightHawk Radiology Holdings, Inc.
$14.15 $12 15.19% 10,100

Level 3 Communications, Inc.
$2.91 $2.65 8.93% 783,001

$26.87 $24.50 8.82% 4,857

Xinhua Finance Media Limited
$4.88 $4.70 3.69% 20,847

Network Appliance, Inc.
$23.04 $22.25 3.43% 23,000

NVIDIA Corporation
$27.02 $26.60 1.55% 26,128

TASER International, Inc.
$12.76 $12.57 1.49% 140,831

Intel Corporation
$21.21 $20.99 1.04% 200,013

Dassault Systemes, S.A.
$54.05 $53.57 0.88% 10,000

As of 2/14/2008 8:27:17 AM

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