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Updated NORML Report Highlights The Role Of Pot In Moderating Disease Progression -- ‘Emerging Clinical Applications’ Booklet Reviews Nearly 200 Studi

The Role Of Pot In Moderating Disease Progression

Washington, DC: Clinical and preclinical research on the therapeutic use of cannabis indicates that cannabinoids may curb the progression of various life-threatening diseases – including multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, and brain cancer, according to an updated report published today by the NORML Foundation.

The revised report reviews nearly 200 scientific trials assessing the therapeutic utility of cannabinoids for the treatment of seventeen specific disease indications: Alzheimer's disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), diabetes mellitus, dystonia, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, gliomas, hepatitis C, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hypertension, incontinence, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, pruritis, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep apnea, and Tourette's syndrome.

Hypertension - NORML

Hypertension - NORML

Emerging research indicates that the endogenous cannabinoid system plays a role in regulating blood pressure, though its mechanism of action is not well understood.[1] Animal studies demonstrate that anandamide and other endocannabinoids profoundly suppress cardiac contractility in hypertension and can normalize blood pressure,[2-3] leading some experts to speculate that the manipulation of the endocannabinoid system “may offer novel therapeutic approaches in a variety of cardiovascular disorders.”[4]

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Immediate Heparin Recall by Baxter Healthcare - Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

Immediate Heparin Recall by Baxter Healthcare - Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

Baxter Healthcare is voluntarily recalling nine lots of Heparin because of the reports of serious adverse reactions to the injections.

Reported adverse events include abdominal pain, decreased blood pressure, burning sensation, chest pain, diarrhea, dizziness, drug ineffectiveness, dyspepsia, dyspnea, erythema, flushing, headache, hyperhidrosis, hypoesthesia, hypotension, increased lacrimation, loss of consciousness, malaise, nausea, pallor, palpitations, paresthesia, pharyngeal edema, restlessness, vomiting/retching, stomach discomfort, tachycardia, thirst, trismus, and unresponsiveness to stimuli. There have been no reports involving fatality

Baxter has not yet learned the cause of the reactions but is asking all healthcare propfessionals to discontinue using the affected lots immediately. A complete list is of the lots is available in the recall notice.

Societe Generale: Did It Alone Create Monday Panic? - Trader Talk with Bob Pisani -

Societe Generale: Did It Alone Create Monday Panic? - Trader Talk with Bob Pisani -

Societe Generale: Did It Alone Create Monday Panic?
Posted By:Bob Pisani

Societe Generale reported a $7.1 billion trading loss due to a rogue trader making bets on stock index futures. While they were making an announcement, they also took writedowns of about $3 billion for losses in the U.S. real estate market and bond insurers.

There were rumors yesterday, that SocGen might have writedowns, but the trading loss from the rogue trader has got people wondering if a good part of the losses in Europe on Monday may have been due to SocGen dumping losing positions. In other words, a panic on Monday may have its genesis because a major bank was forced to dump positions on one of the thinnest trading days of the year--the severity of which left traders groping for all sorts of explanations.

Short covering: I have said that the last two days were dominated predominantly by short covering in financials and retailers, which are the most heavily shorted sectors. What we needed was more REAL buying, i.e. people who are buying not just because they are covering their short positions. Fortunately, we did get evidence of that in the last hour yesterday.

For those who are uncertain about the power of short covering, look at this stat from Birinyi: the fifty stocks that have been shorted the most were, on average, up 8.80 percent yesterday, while the fifty with the smallest short interest were up 1.3 percent.

The Baltic Dry Bulk Index, an index of the cost of shipping dry goods overseas, is down another 4.8 percent today. It has been in a free fall this month.


1) Unlike Motorola

Motorola Inc

10.01 UNCH 0%

[MOT Loading... (%) ] yesterday, Nokia [NOK 32.43 --- UNCH (0%) ] reported earnings above expectations. Handset sales were strong. Their market share grew to 40 percent, from 39 percent. Nokia's board proposed an increase in the dividend and more share buybacks. Up 6 percent pre-open.

2) Hershey

Hershey Co

36.39 UNCH 0%

[HSY 36.39 --- UNCH (0%) ] lowered guidance, on increased competition and increased costs.

3) Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Corp

101.69 UNCH 0%

[LMT 101.69 --- UNCH (0%) ] reported earnings above expectations, and guided higher than its own previous guidance for 2008, though slightly below analyst expectations.

Larry Sinclair Gay Allegations W/ Barack Obama

Looks like our C.F.R pig barack obama is a bone smuggler. Larry Sinclair admits he performed oral sex on barack obama in a limousine. Looks like we will have the prophetess clinton in the lead for the dems now. :-(

Preview of Interview with Stephen Lewis

stephen lewis from the emc2 aim program. stephen talks about energetic balancing and how it heals "incurable diseases", life force diminishing due to poison in our skies, food and water. i have been on this program for 5-6 months. -st0ckman

Kucinich Enters Articles of Impeachment against Bush jan 28

are we finally going to get this satanist / nazi?

Rogue trader's fraud led to $7.1 billion loss: Societe Generale - MarketWatch

Rogue trader's fraud led to $7.1 billion loss: Societe Generale - MarketWatch

The size of the SocGen fraud dwarfs that of infamous rogue trader Nick Leeson, who racked up losses of around $1.4 billion at Barings Bank in 1995.
Leeson's actions led to the collapse of Barings. Convicted of fraud, he was sentenced to a jail term of six and a half years.
The SocGen trader used his experience of working in the bank's middle- and back-office to hide the huge positions he created, Bouton told investors and the media during a heated press conference.

Pre Market NYSE Arca Morning Update

Pre Market NYSE Arca Morning Update

NYSE Arca Morning Update for Thursday, Jan 24, 2008 :

Stocks trading on NYSE Arca at a price more than 15% away from the previous trade day's consolidated close price. (As of 08:30:00 ET)

Wednesday's Close Current Price Pct Chng Current NYSE Arca Vol








( 19%)





( 16%)


10 Most Active stocks on NYSE Arca as of 08:30:00 ET

Based on Dollar Volume: Based on Share Volume:
Dollar Volume
Share Volume

SocGen's rogue trader earns less than 100,000 euros | Deals | Mergers & Acquisitions | Reuters

Societe Generale's rogue trader earns less than 100,000 euros |

Societe Generale's rogue trader earns less than 100,000 euros

PARIS (Reuters) - The trader behind an alleged 4.9 billion euro fraud at Societe Generale is a man in his thirties earning less than 100,000 euros ($146,500) a year, the French bank said on Thursday.

Societe Generale has declined to name the trader for legal reasons.

"He's in his thirties and has been working for Societe Generale since 2002," Chairman Daniel Bouton told reporters at a news conference.

"His salary was slightly below 100,000 euros a year," said Bouton who earlier said he and his deputy Philippe Citerne would give up their own salaries until June.

Bouton gave no further details on the trader and said he did not know where the man was. He said the bank was starting legal action against him.

Asked whether the trader had sought personal gain from his fraud, Jean-Pierre Mustier, head of Societe Generale's investment banking arm, said: "I don't think so."

Then asked whether the trader was acting alone, Mustier said: "I am convinced he was acting alone."

cnn video coverage:

NASDAQ Pre-Market Most Active

NASDAQ Pre-Market Movers

NASDAQ - Pre-Market Ten Most Advanced

Active Share Volume Declined


Company Name

Last Sale (Pre-Market) % Change


MiddleBrook Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
$1.25 $2.40 92.00% 169,300

Adolor Corporation
$4.59 $5.47 19.17% 72,250

F5 Networks, Inc.
$20.18 $23.77 17.79% 17,700

GPC Biotech AG
$2.91 $3.18 9.28% 5,000

Symantec Corporation
$15.26 $16.56 8.52% 72,069

QUALCOMM Incorporated
$36.63 $39.35 7.43% 10,650

Human Genome Sciences, Inc.
$5.62 $6 6.76% 63,850

Hudson City Bancorp, Inc.
$15.79 $16.75 6.08% 5,240

Randgold Resources Limited
$45.33 $47.18 4.08% 7,430

Brightpoint, Inc.
$11.92 $12.40 4.03% 5,000

As of 1/24/2008 8:08:26 AM

NASDAQ - Pre-Market Ten Most Declined

Active Share Volume Advanced


Company Name

Last Sale (Pre-Market) % Change


eBay Inc.
$28.94 $26.36 8.91% 142,807

SunPower Corporation
$74.25 $68.75 7.41% 84,576

Canadian Solar Inc.
$17.53 $16.50 5.88% 8,895

Solarfun Power Holdings Co., Ltd.
$16.81 $16.08 4.34% 55,518

Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.
$11.41 $11.20 1.84% 21,432

First Solar, Inc.
$164.75 $162 1.67% 30,185

Shire plc
$58.56 $57.75 1.38% 8,700

Evergreen Solar, Inc.
$11.33 $11.19 1.25% 15,687

Hoku Scientific, Inc.
$8.32 $8.25 0.84% 6,000

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
$44.78 $44.50 0.63% 3,100

As of 1/24/2008 8:08:58 AM

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