Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Billy Koch's (oakland a's) entire family has morgellons.

YouTube - The Ultimate CHEMTRUTH: Chemtrails & Morgellons 5/6

This updated hard-hitting video presentation compiles several of the most recent reports on Chemtrails, and the epidemic outbreak of Morgellon's disease coast to coast.

***Baseball star billy koch's entire family has morgellons and they are in this video.****

YouTube - Ron Paul on CNBC's -Kill federal reserve

i got a kick out of this snot nose kid telling one of the smartest economists in the world (who is running for president) about the markets.

it is very simple. with out a gold standard currency gets destroyed sooner or later.

YouTube - Ron Paul on CNBC's Kudlow & Company

US Treasury declares war on iran

A unit within the US Treasury Department, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), which issued a March 20 advisory to the world's financial institutions under the title: "Guidance to Financial Institutions on the Continuing Money Laundering Threat Involving Illicit Iranian Activity."

FinCEN, though part of the chain of command, is better known to bankers and lawyers than to students of US foreign policy. Nevertheless, when the history of this newly declared war is someday written (assuming the war is allowed to proceed) FinCEN's role will be as important as that played by US Central Command (Centcom) in directing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In its March 20 advisory FinCEN reminds the global banking community that United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSC) 1803 (passed on March 3, 2008) "calls on member states to exercise vigilance over the activities of financial institutions in their territories with all banks domiciled in Iran, and their branches and subsidiaries abroad."

UNSC 1803 specifically mentions two Iranian state-owned banks: Bank Melli and Bank Saderat. These two banks (plus their overseas branches and certain subsidiaries), along with a third state-owned bank, Bank Sepah, were also unilaterally sanctioned by the US in 2007 under anti-proliferation and anti-terrorism presidential executive orders 13382 and 13224.

As of March 20, however, the US, speaking through FinCEN, is now telling all banks around the world "to take into account the risk arising from the deficiencies in Iran's AML/CFT [anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism] regime, as well as all applicable U.S. and international sanctions programs, with regard to any possible transactions" with – and this is important – not just the above three banks but every remaining state-owned, private and special government bank in Iran. In other words, FinCEN charges, all of Iran's banks – including the central bank (also on FinCEN's list) – represent a risk to the international financial system, no exceptions. Confirmation is possible by comparing FinCEN's list of risky Iranian banks with the listing of Iranian banks provided by Iran's central bank.

The "deficiencies in Iran's AML/CFT" is important because it provides the rationale FinCEN will now use to deliver the ultimate death blow to Iran's ability to participate in the international banking system. The language is borrowed from Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a group of 32 countries and two territories set up by the G-7 in 1989 to fight money laundering and terrorist financing. As the FinCEN advisory describes, in October 2007 the FATF stated "that Iran's lack of a comprehensive anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regime represents a significant vulnerability in the international financial system. In response to the FATF statement, Iran passed its first AML law in February 2008. The FATF, however, reiterated its concern about continuing deficiencies in Iran's AML/CFT system in a statement on February 28, 2008."

Actually, the February 28 FATF statement does not comment on Iran's new anti-money laundering law. The statement does say, however, that the FATF has been working with Iran since the October 2007 FATF statement was issued and "welcomes the commitment made by Iran to improve its AML/CFT regime." Moreover, the February 28 statement, for whatever reason, drops the "significant vulnerability" wording, opting instead to reaffirm that financial authorities around the world should "advise" their domestic banks to exercise "enhanced due diligence" concerning Iran's AML/CFT "deficiencies." In linking its March 20 advisory to the recent FATF statements, apparently FinCEN cannot wait for FATF or anyone else to evaluate the effectiveness of Iran's brand new anti-financial crime laws.

Anyway, the "deficiencies in Iran's AML/CFT" is probably the main wording FinCEN will use to justify application of one its most powerful sanctions tools, a USA Patriot Act Section 311 designation (see below).

Hammering away at Iran's state-owned banks is central to US efforts to raise an international hue and cry. Through its state-owned banks, FinCEN states, "the Government of Iran disguises its involvement in proliferation and terrorism activities through an array of deceptive practices specifically designed to evade detection." By managing to get inserted the names of two state-owned banks in the most recent UN Security Council resolution on Iran, the US can now portray the cream of Iran's financial establishment (Bank Melli and Bank Saderat are Iran's two largest banks) as directly integrated into alleged regime involvement in a secret nuclear weaponization program and acts of terrorism.

full article here

Scholars and Rogues » vaccines

Actually, the book on the correlation between vaccines, autism and other neurological disorders has never been closed. Millions of kids across the globe have been plunged into autism or are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Surely, even to the scientifically illiterate it must be fairly obvious that not every single one of these kids had a “rare underlying mitochondrial disorder” but that the common denominator in all cases are vaccines, which should not even come as a surprise given the toxic adjuvants contained therein such as thimerosal, aluminium (both neurotoxins), formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, MSG, aspartame in addition to many vaccines being cultivated on human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissues. This toxic mix is injected straight into the bloodstream of your baby or toddler whose immune system and brain are still in the developing stage. Surely, nobody with a conscience could possibly deny the high toxicity of thimerosal, which is made of mercury that in turn is 1000 times more toxic than lead. In drinking water, mercury cannot exceed 2 parts per billion. A mercury-containing flu shot, for instance, contains 50,000 !! parts per billion of mercury, i.e. 250 x the mercury level of hazardous waste. Thimerosal has never been tested for safety. Thimerosal’s Material Safety Data Sheet clearly states: ” Exposure to mercury in utero and in children can cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment… Target Organ Effects: Mercury - Nervous system effects (insomnia, tremor, anorexia, weakness, headache), liver effects (jaundice, digestive effects (hypermotility, diarrhea).” The Centers for Disease Control released a study in Pediatrics that cited a correlation between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and both “tics” and “language delay” in children. Furthermore, on July 7, 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the United States Public Health Service (PHS) issued a joint statement that because of the “neuro-developmental effects posed by exposure to thimerosal”, “thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible.” The PHS and AAP recognized that because of thimerosal in vaccines, some
children would be exposed to “a cumulative level of mercury over the first six months of life that exceeds one of the federal guidelines on methyl mercury.”
However, although Thimerosal along with other toxic adjuvants plays a major role in the deteriorating health of our kids, the major contributing factor to the sharp rise in autism, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, diabetis, cancers is the
injection of viruses directly into the bloodstream

Scholars and Rogues » Vaccines

Pre Market Trading

Gapping up in reaction to strong earnings/guidance: AMCS +12.7%, CAAS +11.5%, HOGS +10.6%, COMS +6.5%, LFC +5.0%, WH +2.2%... Select mining stocks showing strength with higher metals/spot prices: GOLD +5.7%, SLW +5.0%, SLV +4.1%, AUY +3.8%, DROOY +3.2%, KGC +3.0%, GG +2.9%, CDE +2.8%, AAUK +2.5%, GLD +2.4%, GFI +2.3%, AEM +2.1%, SSRI +2.1%, PAAS +1.7%, AU +1.2%, NEM +1.0%... Select European financial names trading higher following strength overseas: BCS +2.7%, ING +2.7%, HBC +1.7%, UBS +1.3%... Other news: TMA +7.9% (amended Bylaws to permit an investor to acquire in the offering shares of stock with a value of up to $300 mln), HOKU +7.6% (enters into new contract with Hawaii's Heineken, Coors and Miller beer distributor), IBN +6.9% (still checking), SIRI +4.8% and XMSR +3.0% (showing continued strength following yesterday's DoJ announcement), CHK +1.8% (announces Haynesville shale discovery and seven other new unconventional discoveries and projects), AKS +1.6% (approves long-term agreement for Coke and Electrical Power)... Analyst upgrades: THQI +19.4% (upgraded to Buy at Citigroup), HTZ +3.5% (hearing added to Conviction Buy List at tier 1 firm), PHM +3.4% (upgraded to Outperform at JMP), YHOO +3.2% (upgraded to Buy at Citigroup; Oppenheimer believes MSFT will ultimately raise its bid on YHOO), PAL +2.0% (upgraded to Neutral at HSBC), QCOM +1.7% (upgraded to Buy at Merrill), WBD +1.6% (upgraded to Buy at Citigroup), CSIQ +1.1% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Lazard), NFX +1.1% (initiated with Buy at Broadpoint).

NYSE Arca Pre Market Trading Morning Update

NYSE Arca Morning Update for Tuesday, Mar 25, 2008 :

Stocks trading on NYSE Arca at a price more than 15% away from the previous trade day's consolidated close price. (As of 08:30:00 ET)

Monday's Close Current Price Pct Chng Current NYSE Arca Vol



( 73%)





( 18%)







10 Most Active stocks on NYSE Arca as of 08:30:00 ET

Based on Dollar Volume: Based on Share Volume:
Dollar Volume
Share Volume


Pre Market Trading: Gaps Up & Down

Gapping up: HOKU +7.6%, GOLD +6.8%, COMS +6.5%, SLV +4.1%, TMA +4.0%, BCS +3.9%, YHOO +3.2%, KGC +3.0%, XMSR +3.0%, CHK +2.6%, AAUK +2.5%, GLD +2.4%, SSRI +2.1%, AKS +1.6%, AU +1.2%, NEM +1.0%...
Gapping down: ABPI -69.9%, NPLA -26.3%, MTG -9.8%, FRPT -8.9%, PVH -4.4%, SONC -3.8%, TSO -2.9%, SUN -2.3%, VLO -2.1%, BAC -2.0%, GPS -1.6%, WNR -1.5%.

Wall St. Warrior: Pre-Market

Pre-Market Trading - NASDAQ Premarket

NASDAQ - Pre-Market Ten Most Advanced

Active Share Volume Declined


Company Name

Last Sale (Pre-Market) % Change


Zhongpin Inc.
$8.50 $9.85 15.88% 3,500

3Com Corporation
$2 $2.16 8.00% 6,975

Hoku Scientific, Inc.
$7.90 $8.50 7.59% 5,440

Canadian Solar Inc.
$17.51 $18.50 5.65% 13,076

Randgold Resources Limited
$43.81 $46.15 5.34% 11,252

XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.
$13.79 $14.25 3.34% 83,985

Acergy S.A.
$19.68 $20.27 3.00% 19,300

QUALCOMM Incorporated
$39.89 $41.05 2.91% 42,235

Yahoo! Inc.
$27.52 $28.30 2.83% 211,405

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.
$3.15 $3.23 2.54% 1,140,651

As of 3/25/2008 8:23:13 AM

NASDAQ - Pre-Market Ten Most Declined

Active Share Volume Advanced


Company Name

Last Sale (Pre-Market) % Change


SiRF Technology Holdings, Inc.
$6.89 $5.70 17.27% 27,110

Garmin Ltd.
$62.38 $59.75 4.22% 16,415

AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.
$16.65 $16.41 1.44% 3,000

Google Inc.
$460.56 $457.20 0.73% 25,004

Encysive Pharmaceuticals Inc
$2.34 $2.33 0.43% 6,000

GigaMedia Limited
$15.41 $15.38 0.19% 4,625

Juniper Networks, Inc.
$25.50 $25.47 0.12% 24,100

As of 3/25/2008 8:23:51 AM

Pre-Market Trading - NASDAQ Premarket

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